INDIANAPOLIS — The Internal Revenue Service has a warning out about scammers using child tax credit payments as a way to steal your money or your identity. In this scam, typically the individual reaches out to you by phone, email, text or social media to verify your information you can get advance child tax credit […]

Millions of Americans are suddenly out of work or working greatly reduced hours due to lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and wondering how they will pay next month’s bills. That’s why President Donald Trump and Congress are rushing to pass a $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill that will include a $1,200 check for most adults in […]

With a lot of Hoosiers without jobs and are in need of funding. It is being asked that you DO NOT drive to a Workforce location but instead file for unemployment benefits online @ IN.GOV If you or somebody you know aren’t able to file online your instructed to call 1-800-891-6499 or 317-232-7560 Source: […]

Disney wants to pay you $1,000 to watch their films and be a critique . Disney needs somebody who pays attention to detail and able to binge watch 12 Disney movies in a short period of time. Go apply on the site right now If you are chosen you will have until April 30th […]

We all know 50 cent does not play about his coin. And with his on going case with Tearria Mari from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood ; 50 is only getting rewarded more and more money. Teairra Mari originally accused 50 cent of posting a nude picture of her on his Instagram. Well she did […]

I read an article that caught my attention, “STOP LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK”, I thought…hey.  We’re going into a new era with 2020 fast approaching so why not learn how to stop being broke? Below are a few takes from the article that I found interesting.  Check them out along with the complete list at […]

Fans were a little disappointed at Janet Jackson’s concert in New Zealand. Fans began to walk out after there was a lot of issues with the sound. On Janet’s concert list was Jason Derulo, 50 cent, and The Black Eyed Peas. The show seem to be running good until Janet’s set the sound wasn’t right […]

Lauryn Hill is not playing when it comes to her bag. She filed a suit stating her cousin Gerald Hill who owes her 65,000 after loaning him the cash two years ago. There was a contract in place with her cousin Gerald for the loan to be paid back interest-free within a certain amount of […]

Since the sudden passing of Pop Singer Michael Jackson back in 2009 his Neverland Estates is bringing in BIG coins! After 10 years Neverland has made 2 BILLION DOLLARS! All his fortunes goes to his three children. Source:

Kanye West has been name the highest paid act in the hip hop industry from Forbes. As of 2019 he is sitting at $150 million. His clothing ling Yeezy footwear and partnership with Adidas has alot to do with his net worth. Jay- Z is #2 on the list with $81 million Drake takes 3rd […]