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Always Demanding And Never Giving Doesn’t Stay Over or Let You Stay the Night Disappears for Days At a Time Has a ‘Complicated’ Relationship With the Ex Is Never Available When You’re In Need CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Question your motives Question your motives List the reasons you have for wanting to check Talk to your partner about the insecurities you may be experiencing Consider your past relationship patterns CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

He’s a harsh critic He brings out jealousy early He becomes a third wheel He knows more about you Your friend can feel left in the dust   CLCIK HERE AND READ MORE 

You expect instant conversation flow Little differences upset you Any diversion from your vision upsets you You read into the physical interaction You have high communication demands You think misunderstandings are signs CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

That he keeps his word That he leaves room for you to speak That he doesn’t lie That he truly be single That he maintains his temper That he is not flaky That his focus is on you CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Make plans Bad boys get medals for giving you one-hour notice before hanging out. Be comfortable reaching out You too should be comfortable asking him out! Good guys don’t play games. He should be proud of you Let someone take care of you Stop making excuses for him CLICK HERE AND READ MORE   

You make up scenarios in your head You constantly replay conversations in your head You read into everything Determine why you’re overthinking CLICK HERE AND READ MORE

Have you been cheated on in the past? Do you struggle with self-esteem? Does your partner withhold information? Does your partner become angry at your questions? Do you feel like a priority to your partner? CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Never keeping score Splitting everything half and half Don’t discuss the relationship with others Tell each other everything Take an interest in each other’s hobbies Always put each other first CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Make sure you’re okay with the situation Plan to spend time together on days off Keep in touch Stay busy Fill your alone time with hobbies and interests Be understanding CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Everyone is already family You’re running the show together It’s okay if something goes wrong You almost eloped many times You’ve already been through a lot You couldn’t picture life without this person CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

You haven’t forgiven yourself You haven’t forgiven an ex You never want to be fooled again You aren’t ready to open up You don’t respect yourself CLICK HERE AND READ MORE