Here's how to watch a livestream of Roger Fortson's funeral for the Air Force Senior Airman killed by an Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputy. The post Watch Roger Fortson’s Funeral: Livestream Options To View Homegoing Service Online From Georgia appeared first on NewsOne.

At 58 years young, Janet continues to change the game. Her long-standing influence and timeless beauty inspire us all, reminding us that age is just a number. We can only hope to be as vibrant and flawless as she is.

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will officially debate each other at the end of June and in September, according to reports. The news comes a day after Biden's campaign requested such a format with the debates commission.

The Las Vegas skyline will forever change in summer of 2024 with the closure of yet another hotel that changed the culture and landscape of Sin City. The post Legendary Vegas Strip Hotel Announces Closure appeared first on Black America Web.

The Massachusetts man who became the first person to receive a genetically edited pig kidney has died. 

The sooner you start, the better.

I saw a niche for me to be able to provide an alternate option for the traditional representation route," Tamara Taylor shares about creating Mastermind MGMT.


Ben Crump and the family of slain Airman Roger Fortson shared new evidence in the Florida police killing of the young Air Force officer. The post There Is New Evidence In The Florida Police Killing Of Airman Roger Fortson, Ben Crump Says appeared first on NewsOne.

Queen Bey has once again put everybody on mute with her stunning visuals and fashion prowess. The Cowboy Carter artist is back with another head-turning look and masterclass in cowgirl couture. 


Many pundits in the manosphere believe that men need to embrace their traditional roles as protectors, providers and producers. The post What Is The Manosphere And How Has It Influenced Black Men? appeared first on NewsOne.

Singer Truth Hurts was aboard this year's 'Fantastic Voyage' cruise, and it was her first so it made for the perfect 'My First Time' tale. The post My First Time: Truth Hurts Braves The Motion Sickness For Her First ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Cruise appeared first on Black America Web.

Clay Gravesande's mother Margarita took to Instagram to address her son dating Celina Powell and read them for filth using the good Lord's word.