What time of day you eat could affect your mood and mental health. A study out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that people who ate both day and night were 26 percent more likely to experience depression-like moods and 16 percent more likely to feel anxious. The findings suggest timing meals differently may benefit […]

Comedian Trevor Noah is blasting Ohio lawmakers over a transgender sports measure. During The Daily Show on Monday, Noah slammed them for advancing a bill that would ban transgender girls from playing school sports and require genital checks if a student’s sex is questioned. He said lawmakers were asked to protect children from guns and […]

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  INDIANAPOLIS — African hair braiding dates back centuries. “It originated in 3500 BC,” Tempest Golden, the assistant campus director at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Fishers, told WRTV. She teaches the history and styles of African hair braiding. Braiding was how African tribes indicated their tribal nation, age, marital, and class status. Braided […]

  INDIANAPOLIS — This month, WRTV is shining a light on the achievements of African Americans in our community’s past and present. We’re hearing from the first Black woman in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s 15-year history to graduate from the FBI National Academy. Commander Ida Williams shares the impact she hopes to make on […]

African American women under 35 have breast cancer incidence rates two times higher than Caucasian women of the same age. African American women have a 31% breast cancer mortality rate – the highest of any racial group. The second most common cause of cancer death among Black women is Breast Cancer . African American women […]

INDIANAPOLIS — A 14-year-old boy suspected of shooting and wounding another teenager in an attempted carjacking in September was arrested after last week’s shooting outside the Ben Davis High School football stadium, police said Tuesday. The 18-year-old suspect in the Ben Davis shooting allegedly gave the gun to the 14-year-old that was used in the […]

  So…getting an artificial Christmas tree may be a headache this holiday season as supply chain disruptions interrupt shipping and cause prices to increase by 20 to 25 percent. According to a Wall Street Journal report, some retailers in the U.S. are raising their prices this much to keep up with shipping costs. Overall, the […]

GREENWOOD — This week’s hot weather is adding to a problem for some Central Indiana neighborhoods. Garbage pickup from Republic Services of Indianapolis has been delayed for two weeks in some areas. Andrew Carman is one of their unlucky customers. “They’ve been a day or even two days late before, that’s not uncommon,” Carman said. […]

Popeyes is looking to end the chicken war it started among numerous fast-food restaurants in 2019 over chicken sandwiches. The company announced the “We come in piece. 8 piece” campaign on Tuesday to coincide with the launch of their chicken nuggets. Popeyes is planning to donate the cash equivalent of one million nuggets from its […]

This week the ladies discuss the shocking moments from the Wendy Williams & Salt n Pepa biopics, their posthumous Verzuz wish list, & Chris Tucker getting paid peanuts for his iconic Friday role!

Duke Bootee, a name who OG Hip-Hop heads will recognize as one of the writer's Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's classic "The Message," has passed away. He was 69.