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Lauryn Hill is not playing when it comes to her bag. She filed a suit stating her cousin Gerald Hill who owes her 65,000 after loaning him the cash two years ago.

There was a contract in place with her cousin Gerald for the loan to be paid back interest-free within a certain amount of time. If the load wasn’t paid by the deadline interest would kick in until the full amount of the loan was paid off. Clearly, Lauryn is still waiting for her money.

The case ended up in court with her cousin a no-show. Even though Lauryn won the case she is still waiting on the first payment which he is to pay in installments.

#SPEAKONIT: Have you ever loaned money to a family member or close friend? How did you work out the terms. Did you ever get your money back.

Photo of Lauryn Hill

Source: Larry Hulst / Getty