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 According to TheIndyChannel.com it’s around 67 degrees and we should expect storms through-out the day.  But look for dry and warm temps come tomorrow, Labor Day.  While it’s cloudy, it’s not raining yet, so get up and get out the house to do something fun with your family & friends.  Check out some of the […]

The weekend has a cloudy start with a temperature of 71 according to theindychannel.com.  Expect scattered thunderstorms this afternoon with a high of 86, but don’t let the rain stop you as it should be scattered and not last long.  You can always get to GROOVIN’ IN THE GARDEN with Easley Winery every Saturday.  You […]

According to WTHR.com, we are in for a beautiful weekend.  Today started out beautiful with temperatures in the mid 60’s, but it should warm up quickly with high’s in the mid 80’s.  Not only is the State Fair in town, but there are plenty of other carnivals and back to school events happening.  Check out […]

Today should feel a lot like yesterday with temperatures close to 90 this afternoon.  No rain in sight until later this week.  Kids are back in school on Monday so let them have a little bit of fun today by checking out some of the events below: Some of the best 14 days of summer […]

The day is starting out so beautiful with temperatures around 70 and a high near 90 degrees.  No rain today, just sunshine so enjoy the weather while you can with tons of things to do.  You can always get to GROOVIN IN THE GARDEN at Easley Winery every weekend along with being a part of […]

What a beautiful Sunday so far.  According to WishTv.com, we should expect a high of near 90 degrees, but a mostly sunny day.  Let the kiddo’s have a fun filled weekend before the start of school next week.  Check out some of the events below: It’s a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament & BACK TO […]

The weekend is starting out right with cooler temps.  Well, at least in the morning as it’s suppose to reach 88 degrees by the end of the day according to WishTV.com.  Just the right temps to get up and out the house before school starts.  The kiddos can be a part of the HELPING HEROES […]

 It’s starting out to be a great weekend…hot, but great weekend.  It will be partly cloudy today with thunderstorms headed our way this afternoon according to TheIndyChannel.com.  with a high of 89, but will feel like 90 something.  Stay hydrated and get out the house because there are tons of things to do this weekend […]

 Today will be a lot like yesterday, partly cloudy with high’s in the 90’s.  Currently its 86.  You’ve been waiting on summer…so here we go :)  You can start the day with a zip a top of the Indiana Caverns with RIDE THE BAT CHASER ZIP COASTER.  It’s a suspended, single rail zip coaster soars […]

TheIndyChannel.com says it will be partly cloudy today with a high of 91 and no rain.  Currently it’s 85 degrees.  Stay hydrated as there are a lot of events going on in and around your city today like GROOVING IN THE GARDEN at Easley Winery starting at 2pm, KIDZ BOP LIVE is performing at the […]

It will be cloudy this morning with a high of 86 with thunderstorms likely this evening according to WISHTV.com.  So while it’s daylight outside, get out the house because there a plenty of things to do today including taking a ride on THE BAT CHASER ZIP COASTER at Indiana Caverns, being a part of the […]

It’ll be scattered showers and thunderstorms today with a high of 78 according to WISHTV.com.  Currently its 67 outside with tons of things to do today before the rain starts. You can get to GROOVIN’ IN THE GARDEN at Easley Winery, attend the ST. GABRIEL CATHOLIC CHURCH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL with family friendly games, an old-fashioned […]