INDIANAPOLIS — Running an organization and volunteering can feel like a thankless task, but the Far East Side Community Council is feeling energized as their work on the streets has not gone unnoticed. On Monday evening, the Far East Side Community Council won the Collaborative Spirit Award given out by the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center. […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Gun violence is a topic many say isn’t talked about enough, but inside the doors of a church Thursday night, that’s all anyone wanted to talk about. The people in the pews are looking to city leaders to reduce gun violence in Indianapolis. Desiree Luster is one of those people. She became a […]

MUNCIE — Federal authorities are investigating the Muncie Police Department, according the Chief Joe Winkle. The investigation is reportedly looking into alleged police brutality, however, Winkle said he has not been officially informed of what the investigation is looking at or if federal authorities are officially investigating the department. Authorities have requested information on several […]

FRANKTON — A Madison County town plans to take a controversial phrase off its police vehicles after dozens of people signed a petition to have it removed. Frankton Police Department vehicles feature a decal with the phrase, “All Lives Matter.” It has some community members upset because they say it undermines the Black Lives Matter […]

MUNCIE — Ball State president Geoffory Mearns said the university is making progress towards its goal of being the front door to Muncie and Delaware County. Mearns told RTV6 the university’s enrollment level hit an all-time record with nearly 23,000 students at the school this year. The freshman class has also seen explosive growth with […]

INDIANAPOLIS— The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about a new twist on a growing scam. In this phone scam, the caller claims to be from the Social Security Administration and says your benefits will end. The Federal Trade Commission says the real Social Security Administration will never call to threaten your benefits. If […]

INDIANAPOLIS—A relative of infamous 1930’s gangster John Dillinger is renewing efforts to have Dillinger’s remains dug up from their burial site at Crown Hill Cemetery. For the second time since July, Michael Thompson, a Morgan County man, has filed an application for disinterment with the Indiana Department of Health. The first application expired before Dillinger’s […]

CARMEL — The Carmel City Council introduced an ordinance at Monday’s meeting to expand the city’s ban on skateboards and scooters and said it has received complaints about skateboarders putting drivers in dangerous situations. The council is trying to expand the already existing skateboard ban in public places. Tim Devlin loves skateboarding and visits the […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Downtown residents and workers say an unfinished construction project has kept a busy sidewalk at Market Street and Capitol Avenue closed for months. And in all that time, they also say no one has been out there doing any work. Pedestrians who want to cross the street on Market are forced to walk […]

David Bisard Arrested for Saturday DUI In trouble again, Suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard is in jail This Morning after a weekend a drunk driving accident where Bisard had a blood alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit. This happened in Lawrence where crashed his truck, striking a pole, guardrail and sign Saturday […]