President Trump

President Trump’s time in office is almost up but before he makes his final exit from the White House, 50 Cent has a request. The rapper took a jab at Trump on Instagram with a meme about the 45th president asking people to follow him on Only Fans, since he’s been kicked off Twitter. He […]

The final presidential debate is just hours away. President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will have a chance to make their final case before the upcoming election on November 3rd. Kristen Welker of NBC News is set to moderate tonight’s event. The nonpartisan commission on presidential debates made one change since the first raucous […]

Rapper 50 Cent is throwing his support behind President Trump and doesn’t care that quote — “Trump doesn’t like black people.” He took to Instagram on Monday to tell his over 26-million-followers to reelect Trump. In the post, 50 Cent shared a photo of Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan and said Biden is out of […]

(Undated) — It looks like those who disapprove of President Trump the most are also more likely to vote by mail. An Axios survey puts that number at 74-percent. On the flip side, 77-percent who strongly approve of Trump say they’ll cast a ballot in person. Trump has been complaining about mail-in ballots for weeks, […]

President Trump is falling well short of his November opponent in the fundraising department. Trump’s reelection effort announced a haul of 210-million dollars for the month of August. It includes the 76-million that was raised during the party’s national convention. But, it’s over 154-million dollars less than Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, a reversal […]

President Trump admits he “perhaps” misled the nation about coronavirus to avoid creating panic. He says he’s a cheerleader for the country and doesn’t want people to be frightened. He reportedly told legendary journalist Bob Woodward in March he was trying to play down the threat even though he knew the virus was deadlier than […]

Americans are losing faith in President Trump’s ability to address public safety and race relations after his continued attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement. Biden comes out on top on both counts, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. He has eight-percent more voters saying they trust him to keep people safe while 19-percent […]

President Trump is calling Congressional hearings on the Postal Service ridiculous in a tweet this morning. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is scheduled to testify before a Senate hearing Friday, and a House hearing on Monday. The President complained they will happen too close to the Republican National Convention, which starts on Monday. Democrats have accused […]

So…The President is asking for help, but not with contributions.  His reelection campaign emailed supporters about wearing masks when social distancing isn’t possible. The President says he “doesn’t love wearing masks” but it could possibly help “get us back to our American way of life” that has been impacted .  He argued there’s “nothing to […]

President Trump on Saturday said it shouldn’t be hard for rapper Kanye West to siphon votes away from Joe Biden this November. West, a one-time Trump supporter, last week announced his run for the White House under his own party, “The Birthday Party.” Trump tweeted that West should be able to take votes away from […]

A majority of respondents in a new poll thinks former President Obama would be handling the coronavirus better than President Trump. Obama got a 52-percent rating in the Politico-Morning Consult tracking poll, while Trump got 38-percent. Meantime, 44-percent of respondents said Trump is handling the crisis better than former VP Joe Biden would. The Democratic […]

How Americans view the job President Trump is doing handling the COVID-19 pandemic depends greatly on where they get their news.  A Pew Research Survey found that 63 percent of Americans who think the President is doing an excellent job rely on Fox News for most of their information.  However, a majority of those who […]