Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his wife are donating 120-million-dollars to institutions helping people of color get a higher education. Hastings said he wanted to bring attention to historically black colleges and universities, explaining the donation will help them “be a part of the solution for America and for Black children to aspire to.” His […]

Netflix is making it even easier for parents to monitor what their kids are watching. Movies and shows can now be removed by title. They can also be filtered based on the rating. Other updates include seeing a child’s viewing history, turning off autoplay and adding PINs to protect profiles. See more on this story […]

Netflix and ESPN have moved up the airing of the documentary on NBA legend Michael Jordan’s last championship season with the Chicago Bulls. “The Last Dance” will air over five consecutive Sunday nights starting April 19th featuring two hours each night. The documentary was to coincide with the NBA Finals. Yet due the cancelation of […]

Netflix is adding movies to help viewers deal with being in the house due to the coronavirus Here’s the list: Harlem Nights  Mo’Money  Space Jam Cop Out  The Story of God With Morgan Freeman  On My Block Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam Cj Walker (Premieres TODAY) Series That You’ll Watch Non-Stop Once […]

We all know how hard it can be being away from friends and not feeling happy because of having to be social distant. Well yesterday Netflix announced that they are starting a service called Netflix Watch Party this allows you to watch movies with your friends while chatting as well. Fans on Twitter suggested re-watching […]

With the kids being out of school a little longer than expected you may be finding yourself trying to find things to keep them occupied. Well Netflix has the perfect to entertain the kids with their secret codes for more kid movies. Codes: 4505, Feel Good Movies 783, Movies starring the Muppets 4699 For more […]

Monique Returning to Stand Up Comedy after 10 years with a Showtime hour Long Special Called Mo’Nique and Friends: Live From Atlanta Set your DVR Feb 7th 10 pm on Showtime Source:

Everybody’s new Netflix addictive show ‘You’ will get a season 3 Netflix has confirmed season 3. Season 3 will have 10 episode and hopefully will be released in 2021 Source:

Despite new competition from Disney and Apple, Netflix is still the king of streaming.  TV Time released its list of the 20 most watched streaming series in 2019, and all but one of them are on Netflix.  The exception is Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which came in sixth.  The top five were “Lucifer,” “Stranger Things,” […]

Looking for the perfect night in with the family a few movies and hot chocolate. Netflix has released their cheat codes to unlock all your favorite Christmas movies. Here are the codes: Family Films : 1474017 Children Films Ages 5 to 7 : 1477201 Ages 8 to 10 : 1477204 Ages 11 to 12 : […]

Netflix officials announced future plans to put a stop to password sharing during their recent quarterly earnings call, according to the New York Post. Netflix product chief Greg Peters said he was aware that some users are streaming with a borrowed password to avoid paying for a monthly subscription, but Peters didn’t actually say how many […]

Netflix and chill with Cardi B! Her hip hop competition reality show, Rhythm + Flow will drop on October 9th. Hosted by Cardi B, T.I., and Chance the Rapper. Netflix will release 10 episodes over a three week period. In week one the show will travel to Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago. In […]