Kanye West is certain that he’ll be casting his first ballot in the 2020 presidential election for Donald Trump. In a new GQ cover story, West hinted that he will be voting for Trump, citing that he won’t allow his past fear of criticism to keep him from casting his vote this time around. The […]

With this coronavirus pandemic Americans need cash now and President Trump is ready to give it. In fact, checks of at least one-thousand-dollars could be sent out within two weeks to avoid a coronavirus recession. The Treasury Secretary isn’t saying an exact amount, but he’s aiming for a total of 200-billion-dollars in payments. This comes […]

President Trump is calling the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination “rigged” against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Speaking with reporters at the White House, Trump said the race is rigged like it was against him four years ago, but he thinks Sanders could pull through. This comes as former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete […]

President Trump is calling the House impeachment delay “unfair.” Speaking in Florida Saturday night, he also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding off on sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Trump told a group of young conservatives that it’s “so unfair,” and argued that Pelosi adopted the strategy because she has “no […]

“And here..we…GO!” The House Intelligence Committee’s final impeachment report is now public. It accuses President Trump of scheming to coerce an ally and solicit foreign election interference. Democrats say Trump abused his power by withholding military aid to the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian president investigated Joe Biden. Chairman Adam Schiff says it shows Trump was […]

The first public hearings in the House impeachment investigation begin this week. On Wednesday, State Department officials William Taylor and George Kent will be the first to appear as the House considers whether to impeach President Trump. A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee says some witnesses requested by Ranking Member Devin Nunes will […]

President Trump is set to give a speech Friday at an historically black college after he described the ongoing House impeachment inquiry as a lynching.  Trump will be visiting Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina Friday to speak at a forum hosted by the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center.  The event marks President Trump’s first visit […]

‘It’s about to get REAL’… House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump.  Pelosi blamed Trump for violating his oath of office through his actions surrounding a whistleblower complaint.  An intelligence official reportedly filed the complaint over a phone call in which the President reportedly pressed Ukraine’s leader to investigate […]

Politico is reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Trump in prison.  The media company also said Pelosi clashed with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who was pushing to start impeachment proceedings.  The meeting took place late Tuesday night and Politico is citing multiple Democratic sources […]

The origins of the Russia investigation could soon be made public.  President Trump Thursday gave the attorney general the authority to declassify information relating to the investigation’s beginnings.  Attorney General Bill Barr is leading a review of how the investigation got its start.  Barr’s previously suggested that intelligence agencies were spying on the Trump campaign […]

Former VP Joe Biden is firing back at President Trump over labor unions.  Biden tweeted Monday that he is sick of Trump “badmouthing unions.”  Biden officially unveiled his presidential bid last week.  His comment followed a Trump tweet that the heads of labor unions “rip off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other […]

President Trump says he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo feel now is not a good time for the U.S. and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to sign any further agreements on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.  Trump told reporters after the summit in Hanoi ended that “Sometimes you just need to walk, and […]