Kelly Rowland is featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan (South Africa). We've shown you her fierce behind-the-scenes video & photos. But here are the pics that made the final cut.

LaLa Vasquez’s BFF Kim Kardashian threw the bride-to-be a bachelorette party over the weekend. The event was held at Tao nightclub with Kelly Rowland also in attendance, but we ask where was Ciara???

The host asked Rowland about whether she was upset with Beyonce for releasing a video for ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ so close to launch of ‘Commander’.

Kelly Rowland moved in with the Knowles' when she was five years old? Read some other confessions from Solange here.

Kelly Rowland is known to have a hair mishap here and there but is this the worst of them all??

Kelly Rowland takes control of her career and the club with her new dance single “Commander.” Take a listen and tell us what you think:

Our girl with more hair mishaps than Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowland has debuted a new hair style at the City of Hope-East End Chapter 2010 Spirit of Life Award luncheon in New York City.

Kelly Rowland had a diva moment on a recent commercial flight to Sydney.

Looks like Kelly Rowland is running out of money.  Her record label is having a hard time creating  a budget for Kelly’s latest music video.

Kelly is still living it up in Miami and we recently saw her at the MIA club Mansion to perform her new single “Commander”.

With the recent confirmation that Mathew Knowles did indeed father a child out of wedlock, I’m hearing that Beyonce and sis Solange AND Kelly Rowland are on their way to meet the baby boy.  Now why would Kelly be joining these two??? We’ve all heard the rumors that Mathew was Kelly’s father…HMMM!!!!