Local News Anchor Alexis Rogers is leaving WISH-TV CW8 to begin the next chapter of her career in Minneapolis . But while she’s leaving Indianapolis TV, she launching a new non-profit organization called Lisa’s Girls. Find out more at LisasGirls.com. “Open Lines with Cameron Ridle” airs Sunday Mornings at 8AM on HOT 100.9 and 106.7 […]

Jefferson Shreve is the Republican running for Mayor of Indianapolis in the 2023 Election. He wants to un-seat Democrat Joe Hogsett who is seeking his 3rd term as Mayor. Shreve spends the hour on Open Lines with Cameron Ridle answering questions on why he should be Mayor of Indianapolis. “Open Lines with Cameron Ridle” airs […]

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor joins us LIVE for an hour of Open Lines. Chief Taylor responds to calls for his resignation. He answers questions regarding a number of Officer-Involved Shootings that have happened in Indianapolis over the last year. He also answers questions about his future as Chief as Mayor Hogsett runs for a third […]

The Indianapolis Concerned Clergy is calling on IMPD Chief Randal Taylor to resign, citing a lack of transparency and not holding officers accountable. We pulled the receipts that show exactly the opposite. Chief Taylor has fired a number of officers following incidents of use of force, battery and more. Those events are documented by news […]

On the first half of the show we talk with Alice Watson from Indiana Black Expo. She makes her first appearance on Open Lines. She shares her vision for IBE as she takes over as President and CEO. She also gives a preview of Summer Celebration 2023. Then in the second half of the show, […]

In the wake of two IMPD police officers being indicted in connection to the death of Herman Whitfield III, the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police is calling on police officers to no longer respond to mental health disturbances unless a known crime or articulated threat has taken place. Also on the show: Eskenazi Health is […]

Bob Kern is no stranger to running for political office, He’s run multiple times. Now he wants to be Mayor of Indianapolis. We ask him how he plans to win on May 2nd. “Open Lines with Cameron Ridle” airs Sunday Mornings at 8AM on HOT 100.9 and 106.7 WTLC Indianapolis. Connect with Cameron Via Email: […]

John Couch wants to be the next Mayor of Indianapolis. He’s running as a republican, but his platform points aren’t 100% MAGA style. He plans to be tough on crime, but is supportive of legalizing Marijuana, and Pro-Choice went it comes to abortion. He explains what sets him apart from 3 other republicans wanting the […]

The AKA’s are taking over the Indiana Statehouse. Alexandra Hall tells us about AKA Day the sorority’s efforts to get the attention of lawmakers and improve health stats for mothers and their newborn babies. Plus John Girton tells us how you can get some of the $75,000 in scholarships being offered by Martin University. “Open […]

Frequent radio show caller Larry Vaughn is running for Mayor of Indianapolis as a Democrat. He joins us for his first appearance on the show as a guest. Then Abdul-Hakim Shabazz is well known as a radio talk show host and political commentator. Now he wants to be Mayor of Indianapolis. He explains his platform […]

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears is reinstating driver’s licenses in exchange for child support payments. It’s part of the “Good Faith Initiative.” Mears also answers questions about news headlines in Indianapolis including people being released from jail the day after being arrested. He says the Herman Whitfield case will come to a conclusion sooner than […]

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is running for a third term as Mayor. He joins us on Open Lines with a progress report on Indianapolis as 2023 begins. “Open Lines with Cameron Ridle” airs Sunday Mornings at 8AM on HOT 100.9 and 106.7 WTLC Indianapolis. Connect with Cameron Via Email: cridle@radio-one.com or Twitter, Facebook and Instagram […]