Kim Kardashian

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The 40-year-old reality TV star ended up on "Forbes's World's Billionaires list" for the first time

Kim Kardashian is joining the Stop Hate For Profit campaign which aims to hold social media platforms accountable for content. Kim took to her socials to say while she loves connecting with her fans though her social media channels, on Wednesday she will be “freezing” her Facebook and Instagram account. She says she cannot be […]

Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West wrote a heart-felt statement on Instagram about his bipolar disorder.

Kim Kardashian West says after being self-quarantined with her family she is done having children. She recently appeared on The View remotely from home. She said, “Being at home with four kids, if I ever thought for a minute that I wanted another one, that is out the door. It’s really tough. It’s really tough.” […]

Kanye West is a man with many thoughts, new adventures, and a new family game that maybe you and your family will play one day. Kanye introduced this game called “The Dictionary” to his wife’s family here’s how it goes; Each person has their own dictionary and one person gets to choose what page every […]

We all know that birthdays are an important holiday for everybody. And we look forward to a special gift. Well Kayne West thought outside the box for his wife’s 39th birthday. He gifted her with a card that said he donated 1 million dollars to her favorite charity She took to Instagram to express her happiness; […]

All we need is a little more Jesus! Since starting his Sunday Church Service Kayne West is a brand new person. His Wife Kim sat down with the cast members of The View and this is what she had to say about her husband:

Kim Kardashian West is making a documentary on prison reform for Oxygen. The documentary called “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project”, will follow as Kardashian West travels to a correctional treatment facility in Washington D.C. According to Oxygen, the documentary will focus on programs that aim to offer higher education courses to those incarcerated. They […]

The KarJennerWest Family Business is a serious matter, when you gather all of their trademarks it total of 716 trademarks. Here is a list of what is included: Kim has 149 trademark applications. Including, Glam Bible, Dashing by Kim Kardashian and Kimoji. Kylie Jenner ha 128 trademark applications. Including Kybrow, Kylash, Kylighter and Stormiworld. Kanye […]

Kim Kardashian West is facing criticism for calling her new underwear line Kimono. The reality star launched her new label on Tuesday, saying it “celebrates and enhances the shapes and curves of women.” The brand name is getting backlash on social media from those who say it disrespects traditional Japanese clothing. In Japan, the kimono […]