It seems like every streaming service these days allows users to pay for an ad-free version, and now the leading social media company is adding the tactic to its business model. Meta announced Monday it would begin offering users in Europe advertisement-free subscription options for Facebook and Instagram starting in November. The apps’ parent company said […]


And here we go… Facebook is announcing it will be requiring all U.S. workers returning to their offices to be vaccinated. Facebook will develop a way for those who can’t be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. The social media platform has said that employees can still work from home if their jobs can be […]

  The phrase “stop the steal” is no longer allowed on Facebook or any of its other sites. “Stop the steal” refers to the movement to halt Joe Biden’s election win. The social media giant said Monday this ban is part of its effort to stop election misinformation and violence. Facebook officials also said while […]

Facebook is extending its ban on political ads for another month. Politico reports the social media company told its salesmen that it would keep the pause going because of the ongoing conversation about the presidential election. President Trump has refused to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden. The ban will no doubt cost the […]

Facebook is banning all accounts, groups and pages dedicated to the QAnon  movement. The social network began cracking down on the baseless internet conspiracy theory in August. That led to roughly 15-hundred pages, groups and profiles getting scrubbed. The company believes it had to restrict the quote – “ability of QAnon and Militarized Social Movements […]

Emoji or hate symbol? President Trump’s campaign calls the use of an upside-down red triangle an emoji. But Facebook says the Nazi symbol violates their policy on hate. So the social media giant removed all campaign posts and ads with the image. And it’s not the first time. Facebook says it took down campaign ads […]

HENDRICKS COUNTY — A Facebook group dedicated to supporting the Class of 2020 has taken off and given high school seniors something special to remember, despite having their last semester cut short. Not wanting the seniors to look back and only be disappointed about their last year, Billie Jo Brown started the Hendricks County Adopt […]

INDIANAPOLIS — The shiny red and white truck was supposed to be shipped to Anderson last month. Shawn Abernathy and his fiance Tiffany found the truck listed on Facebook Marketplace by a page called AMS Car Sales. “It was a 1997 Ford F250 it looked brand new. I mean they sent us a video of […]

Facebook is unveiling a new market research app that will pay users to take surveys to help improve the social media outlet. The app will be called Facebook Viewpoints and it will help improve all of the company’s platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp and much more. It will only be available to users who have a […]

T.I. will be in the hot seat on the upcoming episode of Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. Earlier this month, T.I. made some comments regarding his parenting style for his 18 year-old-daughter, Deyjah. He stated that he accompanies his daughter to her gynecology appointments to make sure her hymen is still intact. As […]


Students who spend time on Facebook may see their grades slump. Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia analyzed the grades of 500 freshmen and found that the more time they spent on Facebook, the worse their grades were. Researcher Dr. James Wakefield points out that students spending more time on Facebook may […]

BARGERSVILLE — Like many of us, Mandi Hollingsworth uses Facebook Marketplace to buy items directly from people in her community. Hollingsworth bought a stainless steel refrigerator for $650. The seller claimed it even included a warranty. “I paid cash and everything was fine. That’s why I thought this was perfect,” Hollingsworth said. “ After going […]