Never miss an episode of The Fix with Karen Vaughn weekdays live at 1:15pm or rewind and get the scoop on the latest entertainment update inside.

Never miss an episode of The Fix with Karen Vaughn weekdays live at 1:15pm or rewind and get the scoop on the latest entertainment update inside.

The OWN network has launched a new show called Girlfriends Check In. The show ill feature various celebrity women who are friends in real live every week. This weekend the ‘girlfriends” where Erica Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Tasha Cobb Leonard and Tamela Mann. One of the questions that came up was, “Who is your Rap celebrity crush.” Yolanda […]

Oprah Winfrey opened up to PEOPLE about the emotional final days with her mother, Vernita Lee, who died Thanksgiving Day. “In hospice care they have a little book about the little conversations,” Winfrey tells PEOPLE. “I thought, ‘Isn’t this strange? I am Oprah Winfrey, and I’m reading a hospice care book on what to say at the […]

For weeks now, there has been some serious discussion about whether or not Oprah Winfrey will run for President of the United States. The conversation got so intense that there were think pieces, discussions and debates about Oprah’s political leanings, polls conducted to see just how she might fare in an election, and our current […]

OWN’s Greenleaf will be back with a vengence with their second half of the second season with a two-night premiere on Aug. 15 and 16. Acting legend Tim Reid and LeToya Luckett will be joining the cast for the remainder of the season. Oprah returns as Lady Mae’s sister, Mavis McCready. According to Ebony This […]

Oprah is a real life wonder woman, so it’s no surprise that she got giddy off of the movie (like many other women). Seeing a strong, female, protagonist is important for children and adults alike. Oprah was so excited about the movie and threw a party at her home, for twenty-eight 10 year olds and […]

When it was recently announced that the critically-acclaimed and ratings hit series Underground had been cancelled by WGN after two seasons, fans were devastated, but were hoping that another network would scoop it up. One of the networks in consideration was Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, but it is officially out of the running because of […]

In a recent interview with PEOPLE's Jess Cagle, the renowned talk show host discusses how her career in helping others also aided in helping herself.

Donna’s Weekend Entertainment Wrap- Up- March 5, 2017   Obamas sign a $65 Million Book Deal Penguin Random House, out of several publishers, won the bid to publish their memoirs. It is a joint deal that appears to be bigger than any previous presidential book deal in history. Sources are saying they are making about $65 […]

Oprah is having second thoughts about running for President of United States … and you have President Trump to thank for that – Check out what Oprah said on Bloomberg’s The David Rubinstein Show turns out Trump’s first 5 weeks in office have been very inspiring to her.  

Beyonce has come a long way from worrying about her dresses fitting her perfectly on the red carpet. These days, she has teams to make sure that there isn’t even a hair out of place. But it wasn’t always like that for the queen, as this amazing throwback video from The Oprah Winfrey Show shows. Back […]