Michael Jackson

Blanket Jackson is all grown up. Jackson celebrated his 18th birthday on Feb. 21st. And just a few weeks later Jackson has gifted himself with a 2.6 million dollar mansion in California. Some of his neighbors include music legend Dr. Dre. He also doesn’t live to far from his grandmother Katherine Jackson. Michael Jackson’s Cousin […]

Mo’Nique is on one of her rants again but this time she is going for Oprah Winfrey. Mo’Nique stated that Oprah made her life harder after the documentaries about Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons because of her ties with Harvey Weinstein.   Source: dailybeast.com

Since the sudden passing of Pop Singer Michael Jackson back in 2009 his Neverland Estates is bringing in BIG coins! After 10 years Neverland has made 2 BILLION DOLLARS! All his fortunes goes to his three children. Source: bossip.com

Michael Jackson’s estate is supporting the legal action two of his fan clubs are taking over his Leaving Neverland accusers. Two French fan clubs were set to appear in court Friday over a lawsuit against Wade Robson and James Safechuck, which asked for just one Euro each from the men. Robson and Safechuck claimed in […]

On this day 10 years ago we lost the ” King of Pop” Michael Jackson. He left behind his family, 3 beautiful kids, and a LEGACY that will never die. His family released a statement saying, “Ten years ago today, the world lost a gifted artist and extraordinary humanitarian.  A decade later, Michael Jackson is […]

Janet Jackson recently revealed that Stevie Wonder is her third cousin. Janet said during the interview, “People don’t know this one, Stevie is actually our cousin on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this…but yeah he is.” Janet mentioned that she did tell people at the 2011 NAACP Image Awards when she thanked her […]

A school in Hollywood, California will be keeping Michael Jackson’s name on one of its buildings, in the midst of sexual misconduct claims against the singer.  Parents and teachers at Gardner Street Elementary School voted Saturday to retain his name on its auditorium.  People had called for it to be changed after the airing of […]

Michael Jackson will remain in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The King of Pop was inducted as a member of the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist. Questions were raised about whether he would get to stay or be booted, because of the sexual abuse allegations lodged against him in the Leaving […]

Diana Ross is defending Michael Jackson in the midst of the controversy over the Leaving Neverland documentary. Ross tweeted out on Saturday that she believes and trusts that Jackson “was and is a magnificent and incredible force” to many, and told everyone to “stop in the name of love.” Ross was his close friend and […]

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has decided to remove some of Michael Jackson’s items from its American Pop exhibit. The items that will be removed from the world’s largest children museum are a signed poster, a fedora, and a pair of Jackson’s white gloves. The museum will keep photos of Jackson on display that is […]

Sales of Michael Jackson’s music is in decline since a documentary accusing the King of Pop of being a sexual predator was broadcast last weekend on HBO.  Nielsen Music reports his album sales have fallen 39 percent last week.  There’s also been a noticeable drop of five percent in his music on streaming services.  “Leaving […]

HBO says it will air the four-hour documentary on pop star Michael Jackson on March 3rd and 4th.  “Leaving Neverland” revives allegations that the superstar was a pedophile.  The film is based on the testimony of two of Jackson’s alleged victims and their experiences at Jackson’s Santa Barbara ranch.  Critics at the Sundance Film Festival […]