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Chris Brown and his team believe the woman who prosecuted him in his latest felony assault case has it out for him.

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“The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive…These people are not crazy, they’re strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick.” – Dave Chappelle Tuesday’s Chris Brown media circus ended in an assault with a deadly weapon charge for the singer. In a brief Instagram video posted Wednesday, Brown vowed to turn […]

Chris Brown‘s lawyer maintains his client’s innocence, dismissing allegations that the singer pulled a gun on a female guest in his home. After accuser Baylee Curran made her media rounds on Wednesday, claiming Chris told her to leave by brandishing a gun, Chris’s lawyer Mark Geragos said Breezy “cooperated fully” with the police, while also questioning Curran’s motives. He […]

The Chris Brown gun-saga is slowly unraveling with more details emerging about the incident. The woman who accused Brown of pointing a weapon at her allegedly wrote a text message shortly after leaving his home saying she was going to frame Chris with the gun allegation out of revenge. Although she denies sending such a text, TMZ reportedly obtained […]

After receiving a 911 call from a woman alleging Chris Brown threatened her with a gun, the LAPD is currently investigating at the R&B singer's L.A. mansion.

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http://interactivecdn.edgesuite.net/Interactive_One_-_N+L/385/423/The_Socialist_Chris_Brown_8-31_755248195592_mp4_video_1920x1080_8000000_primary_audio_eng_8.mp4 No matter what Chris Brown does, he can’t seem to stay out of legal trouble. Whether the law has it out for him, or he just needs to reconsider his lifestyle choices, at least he’s got an A1 lawyer to help deal with his steady stream of charges. Brown’s longtime attorney Mark Geragos has […]

Breezy was tested for drugs after his arrest, and authorities may have found something.

Celebs took to social media to defend Chris and call B.S. on the charges.

The dramatic 11-hour negotiation with authorities led to the "Loyal" singer's arrest, but he was released later that night.

Chris Brown found himself in hot water on Tuesday (August 30) after a woman claimed that he’d threatened her with a gun—but now reports are implying she may not be so innocent herself. According to sources, the accuser, Baylee Curran, is wanted in New York City for questioning in connection with criminal theft for allegedly stealing a […]