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Law Enforcement Agencies Warning About New iPhone Update The recent release of the iOS 17 update by Apple has sparked concerns among law enforcement agencies. Alongside various enhancements, Apple introduced a new feature called NameDrop, which allows the sharing of contact details between two iPhones when they are brought into close proximity. While accidental connections […]

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Apple is celebrating Black History Month, introducing a limited edition Black Unity Collection for the Apple Watch. The collection includes an Apple Watch Series 6, a Black Unity Sport Band and a Unity watch face. The project aims to support six global organizations focused on promoting equality and civil rights. Meanwhile, the App Store Black […]

Do you ever wish that you could take a text back? It’s what many have wished for at some point and soon it could be reality.  Apple is said to be testing the feature for its next software update.  It would let iPhone users retract messages, but not secretly.  The sender and recipient would be […]

If you haven’t heard about the deadly coronavirus that is spreading worldwide from China. Well this virus is starting to affect more than just people. Apple has announced that they will be closing their China stores. Making it almost not possible to get our hands on the new Iphone 12 that’s supposed to be released […]

A Russian man has sued Apple after claiming a mysterious message sent to his iPhone turned him gay, according to a report from The Moscow Times. D. Razumilov, says that an anonymous English-language message was sent to a cryptocurrency app on his iPhone in 2017 urging him “don’t judge without trying.” The message was attached to 69 […]

I-Phones are about to go green. Apple plans to use recycled rare earth metals to build the Taptic Engine. That’s the part that lets the iPhones mimic a button click. The company will start off using an outside supplier, but hopes to eventually gets robots to recover the metals. Apple is also looking into how […]

It’s that time of year…and I’m not talking about pumpkin spice. Apple will hold their iPhone release event on September 10th at Apple Park in California which will give insiders an exclusive look at the new iPhone. New features include three cameras and a night vision upgrade. There will be three models, iPhone 11, 11 […]

 Apple is showing off its new iPad.  Speaking at an event at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new iPad comes with an Apple Pencil and will cost 329-bucks for consumers and 299 for schools.  It features a new nine-point-seven-inch high resolution touch system.  Cook […]

Apple just revealed its glossy new iPhone, and — gasp — there's no headphone jack! But we got you.

All of the rumors and questions about the iPhone 7, the updated watch, and the Macbook Pro have finally been answered.