Are you annoyed by the arrests, constant bed hopping or random offensive tweets of your “once” favorite celebrities? You are not alone. A new survey finds that several Americans have had enough of their favorite celebrities’ shenanigans and are ready to write them off before the New Year. The online survey conducted by Harris Interactive […]

If you ordered a White Christmas, its coming, a bit late but will pack a punch! The entire 106.7 WTLC Listening area is now under a Blizzard Warning, until 7pm Wednesday night. Snow will be accompanied by wind gusts of 40 mph. UPDATE:  Indianapolis Mayor Ballard declares City offices will be closed Wednesday due to snowstorm. “Non-essential” […]

It’s been an eventful year in politics, one that will go down in history for several different reasons. Here’s NewsOne‘s list for the top 10…

In 2012, there were a number of crimes that took place, which were heartbreaking, flat-out ridiculous, and outrageously shocking. Here, NewsOne looks back at some…


Name calling among politicians and their supporters and opponents is nothing new. The level of the venom, however, often is much higher when an underlying hatred based on race is at work. So when incumbent President George W. Bush made fun of opponent Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) for “flip-flopping” positions on the war in Iraq, […]


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NEW YORK (AP) — A fourth woman accused Republican presidential contender Herman Cain on Monday of making an unwanted sexual advance against her, saying she wanted to provide “a face and a voice” to support other accusers who have so far remained anonymous. See also: Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Media Coverage Considered Fair By Plurality […]

CLICK HERE TO BE FRIENDS WITH FIRST LADY ON FACEBOOK OR CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER    America’s favorite father pulled no puches during his appearance on NBC’s Today Show. Dr. Bill Cosby expressed his views on everything from poverty to literacy. Things got heated when “The Cos” was asked about “The Don’s” […]

2012 Director is thinking of a sequel to Independence Day, will it include Will Smith? <!--more-->