Monie Love

Monie LoveMonie Love

Coming to the U.S. a British import via the Hip Hop movement, Monie Love found herself amidst the cream of the crop within the rap community. Forming allegiances with the likes of De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and Queen Latifah, which were all solidified by recording a song with each of the mentioned, Monie sealed her place as the British Hip Hop Ambassador, with the spitfire rap flow. After enjoying success as a recording artist, and being recognized with 2 Grammy nominations, Monie ventured into the world of radio, starting out in NY at Hot 97 where she could be heard as part of the line up of radio personalities 9yrs running. Since leaving Hot 97,Monie went on to do morning radio with Hip Hop radio personality Ed Lover at Power 1051 also in NY. When the opportunity arose to do her own morning show, Monie, eager to continue moving to new heights, took that position, which brought her to the Philly Tri State area. With a grand run in mornings in Philly, plus a quite controversial exit from where you heard her last, Monie landed on the Flagship for hip Hop radio in Philly, Power 99 fm. Still not ready to stop striving towards higher heights, Monie moved her family to Miami, joined the classic artist lineup that grace the Tom Joyner family events and cruises, and partnered up with the prominent Miami socialites to create events in South Beach catering to music lovers young and old new and classic. With all of this, Monie is still able to create a Cook Book, which embraces the Non Chef, and allows all to develop courage in the kitchen, with easy to follow steps in creating classic comfort foods to entertain at home. Needless to say Monie has managed to maintain her love of motherhood and life in all its aspects and glory. Monie, coming from a Jamaican background with parents who saw to it that complete knowledge of ancestry and African history was prevalent in the household, recently joined the ranks of artist/activists to form SANKOFA Social Justice Organization, lead by Harry Belafonte. As an 'Artivist' as Monie likes to refer to herself, Monie travels both nationally and internationally to participate in speaking engagements connected with social awareness and it's marriage to the artistic community across the board. Monie recently sat on a panel for Emancipation Day in DC with Chuck D and MC Hammer for Centric TV. You can hear 'The Icon' Monie Love every Saturday 6pm on Sirius XM radio with her show Ladies First that is now approaching it's 7th year running on the satellite network. Monie travels and performs both as a solo artist and also as part of Classic Hip Hop performance collective THE ALUMNI along side fellow artists Kwame, Dana Dane, Special Ed and Chubb Rock. You can also catch Monie DJing on the road at an array of events from corporate to Metro City Nightlife in a city near you. Monie is currently Curator In Chief of the worldwide portal for all things Women in Hip Hop related covering all elements of Hip Hop culture from a woman's perspective. In addition to all of this, Monie Love is now the career mom with a total of four children ranging in age from 23,17,11 with the youngest coming in at 6yrs old. With all this said, she still finds time to enjoy the little things in life, and wraps herself up in motherhood and all that it entails, as she considers having her 'Fab Four' as she calls them, being the richest experience of her life!