1. The Most Important Kissing Tip: Variety

A variety of kisses is very important, Cane says, including the smooching styles he mentioned on “bethenny” – the eye kiss, the biting kiss, the sliding kiss, etc. If you want to graduate from the usual closed-mouth kisses and French kisses try this: “The next best thing you could add is lip-o-suction, and it involves kissing the upper lip and then moving to the lower lip, and there’s no tongue involved.”

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2. If You’re Kissing Someone New…

Take a wait-and-see approach if you lean in to plant one on someone you’ve never kissed before. “If it’s your first kiss with someone new, you want to go slow and take it gently and don’t rush it into it,” Cane says. “Start with a lip kiss and see how things progress.”

3. If You’re Kissing Someone You’ve Been with for Years…

When the person you’re kissing isn’t exactly new – say, if you’ve been dating them or married to them for years – you can make kissing more exciting by changing things up: “Try your kisses in a more romantic location, like a park, a rowboat if you have access to one, or a beach – or also by trying to do some different kisses like sliding along to their earlobe, or biting their lower lip,” Cane says.

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