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@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com Sports  —  Good Day to you… The U.S. Department of Education gets ‘dragged’, or highly criticized, on social media for misspelling the name of an iconic Civil Rights leader and noted educator on Secretary Betsy DeVos’ watch. Click the media player below to get the latest on the department who denied the scholar […]

The founder of Hustler magazine says he’ll be sending every Republican member of Congress an interesting ‘gift’ in the coming days. Larry Flynt is releasing a Donald Trump porn parody today, and intends to send a copy to GOP representatives. “The Donald” is billed as a “fantasized look” at how the Republican presidential front-runner may […]

Today is “National Dress Up Your Pet Day”. (Yes it is more likely that this pet day actually exists than you being one of the three winners of last night’s $1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot.) If you’re on the fence about celebrating the day, the folks over at PetMD.com say it’s really not a bad idea because, […]

If you’re like most people, walking into a disgusting public bathroom will terrify you more than anything in the world. But this Shell Station in the Philippines doesn’t have that problem.

  The price of gasoline may be dropping but know this, the Twelve Days of Christmas aren’t getting any cheaper. Not one bit. Pittsburgh-based PNC Wealth Management has again calculated the cost of all the gifts mentioned in the iconic holiday song.  This year, your true love would have to drop more than $27,000 dollars to […]

          The editorial cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star newspaper has managed to raise an eyebrow or a few with what is being called a rather racist (at worst) or stereotype-slinging (at best) Thanksgiving-themed cartoon. On Friday, Gary Varvel drew and the paper posted a cartoon on its web that depicted a white […]

To what lengths will a business owner go to grow their business’ bottom line? Apparently dastardly distances for one restaurant owner who, according to the BBC News, laced their noodles with opium poppy seeds to hook customers on their Chinese food. One unwitting customer “caught a case” because he tested positive for drugs at a […]

A new social media site is offering wealthy people a chance to connect with other wealthy people like them — for a price, of course.  Started by composer and former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra conductor James Touchi-Peters, “Netropolitan” connects rich people with other rich people for a membership fee of $9,00. The annual renewal is severely discounted. […]

Here’s What’s Tickling Kim This Morning: As you know, I wake up kinda early in order to wake you up. So, I don’t catch a lot of late night television. This morning, a newsman captured the headlines thanks to NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Check out another side of NBC News’s […]

As a Prince fan from way back (when some thought ‘the long-haired chap from Minnesota’ was just plain weird), I found this particularly interesting. And I must admit as a pretty straight-laced news person that this made me just scream. As you get through your Friday and head towards the weekend, enjoy a lil’ of […]

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