If your feeling a little down around Valentine’s Day because you have no date plans or single well Hooters is trying to put a smile on your face! For Valentine’s Day Friday Hooters is offering free boneless wings to single/ heartbroken people. All you have to do is bring a picture of your ex and […]

If you missed the intense episode of “Uncensored” starring actress LisaRaye McCoy well you missed one hell of an episode! LisaRaye sat down to talk about how her co-star Duane Martin ruined her marriage with her ex husband Mike Misick by introducing him to different women. The drama doesn’t stop there she also went into […]

No more catfishing allowed! The dating app ‘Plenty of Fish’ have now decided to take away any pictures that is overly filtered. Plenty of Fish will begin going over 70 million photos that have been posted by their users and deleting them. And for new uploads all will be reviewed. They are mainly looking for […]

First dates are always critical. Its your first impression and could be your last. We all have those mandatory questions that we must ask when getting to know someone. Here are a list of the most common ones: 1. What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time? 2. Who Is The Most Fascinating […]

Since her split with husband Kevin Hunter Sr; Wendy has been testing the waters! In a recent interview with Andy Cohenshe stated , “I see many men.” She has been seeing men from the ages as low as 48 and high as 65! You Go Wendy! Source: eonline.com

Idris Elba could have just about any woman he wants, but the actor allegedly already has his sights set on a specific lucky young lady.

The actor and new boxer tweeted "Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherf---s... "Don't believe the Hype." Welp!

From Khloe to Iggy, check out the babes French has hooked.

It's only a matter of time before these "friends" start officially dating.

Nick Young's tapping into his inner petty... but what's new?

It looks like we were sadly mistaken about the possibility of #AubRih happening anytime soon.