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It will probably be a while before the tabloid headlines grow sick of scooping every single crumb the Jackson family feud leaves in it is wake. The world knew that Michael Jackson‘s death would initiate the kind of ripple effect that we would be feeling for decades to come. But where his loved ones are concerned, money and control seem to be just a few of the issues plaguing this famous family. If you’re confused about exactly what’s going on with the Jacksons, join the club. Here are just a few reasons why this feud has our heads spinning

Janet Jackson is at the center.

Janet Jackson was photographed having a few choice words (and a slap or two) with her niece Paris. This places the pop queen firmly at the center of the scandal. For a few reasons, the world is still having trouble figuring out exactly how the “All for You” singer fits into the melee. Was Janet in the wrong? Is she conspiring with her siblings? The Huffington Post alludes to the fact that the family feud may damage her career. But if she made it through “Nipplegate” (albeit not completely unscathed) she can probably get through this.

Michael Jackson’s death is still very mysterious.

Michael Jackson has been gone for a few years. And even though Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the Pop King, MJ’s fans still are having a problem piecing together some of the details surrounding his death. The trouble is when you’re as big a star as Michael those details are about as easy to interpret as Advanced Calculus.

Katherine Jackson’s “vacation”

Now that Mother Jackson has returned unharmed from her spa vacation in Arizona, we realize that the woman was not brainwashed, kidnapped, or in any kind of danger whatsoever (at least according to her). Still, the trip seemed cloaked in secrecy, and the timing couldn’t have been worse considering what was happening on the home front. Fans (and her grandchildren) are glad that she’s returned safe and sound. Nonetheless, the oddness of the excursion still remains.


Due to the media storm that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce has caused, headlines are now saturated with tales of Scientology. The public is both leery and fascinated by religions that appear to have bizarre practices. The Jackson family’s background as Jehovah’s Witnesses hasn’t exactly caused tons of controversy; but people still wonder how much the religion factors into the current problems.

Hollywood has a new heiress named Paris.

Sorry Paris Hilton, Tinseltown has another “Paris” to contend with. And these days, the Jackson name is just a wee bit more significant than “Hilton.” Paris Jackson, previously noted for her soft-spoken and intelligent persona, seems to be revealing quite the rebellious streak. Between allegedly cursing at her elders and staying up all night sending questionable Tweets, her name is burning up search engines. In any event, all of Michael’s children will be (at least for the next several years) the most famous Hollywood heirs of all time.

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