According to TMZ – Joan Rivers’ daughter – Melissa – has officially retained an attorney and is prepared to file a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic. Apparently, the lawsuit won’t be filed for another month but letters have gone out to the parties involved. Stay tuned for more updates. Source: TMZ

Stop stressing and getting mad over the little things. There are actually too many things going on to stress over the unimportant stuff. You have someone in your life who loves you. Sometimes just let things go and enjoy this beautiful life you have with your partner.

With all of the new technology today – sometimes we never really communication with our partners because we’re always on our cell phones – sending a text – checking Facebook and Twitter and checking email. When you’re together – make it a priority to put the phones down and really spend quality time with your […]

My relationship tip of the night is this – Stop trying to change your partner to what you want them to be. You make the changes and guide. Your partner will follow your lead.  

I was looking around at dinner the other night and every couple but one were all on their cell phones. None of the couples were communicating face to face and they all seemed more interested with what was on their phones. Your partner should be a priority during your time together. Put the phone down. Stop […]


Ladies men are a lot easier than what some articles might say. Let’s go straight to something most men love – sports. Here’s a few tips to connect with him on his level. I’ve talked to a lot of men in the gym and this is what they’re saying. It’s playoff season – football at […]

Here are some rules about being romantic and looking after a relationship with a romantic man. If you want love, you’ve got to “unbusy” yourself. Because love is something that we all crave, want and desire. And if you crave, want and desire love, you’ve got to stop being so busy and take that time out. It’s a phone […]

TV and movies would have you believe that men are commitment-phobes who fear the dreaded ball and chain, but it turns out that’s just not true. According to’s 2013 Great Male Survey, 95 percent of men see marriage as a life goal, with 92 percent stating that they believe in the institution of marriage. The survey also found that 36 […]

What would R&B music, as well as pop, sound like if it weren’t for Babyface? The man has been writing classic jams and put together much loved soundtracks since the early ’80s. He gave Bobby Brown some of his biggest hits, helped make Toni Braxton a star, and managed to write some of music’s must-hit-repeat […]

R. Kelly's contributions to the jams on our iPods has been major. When we’re not listening to one of his classics, we’re listening to somebody else’s music that he wrote and produced.

The way to know if your relationship will last is to observe your partner’s past and present behavior and to learn the proven skills to make marriage work. So much damage is caused by people blindly connecting — rushing through the stages of commitment and not creating the solid basis a true relationship needs — I always welcome the […]