Rumor has it that Rev Run and Tyrese is planning to start a TV show based on giving relationship advice. The two already worked together before on a NY Times Bestseller called ‘Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed’. The book gave insight into the minds of men helping them with their relationship. See what […]

44-year-old actress Niecy Nash has never been one to be ashamed to say whatever pleases her. In a new interview for Playboy magazine, the author of the relationship book “It’s Hard To Fight Naked”, the star of TVLand’s “Soul Man”, and also the star of HBO’s “Getting On” is dishing up what it takes to keep […]

Sometimes in relationships – we get comfortable and fall into a routine. Saying and meaning – “I love you” to your partner is so important but sometimes this phrase simply becomes part of day to day life. Switch things up with your partner by using one of these phrases – I appreciate you. I value […]

Halloween is almost here and it’s the perfect time to get a babysitter to watch the little gobbles and brew up some chemistry with your boo that will allow you to spend quality time together. Snuggle up in bed and watch a scary movie Hold each other as you go through a haunted house Carve […]

Ladies if your man is having a bad day this is what you need to do – Don’t try to solve the problem. Ask him if he wants to talk  about it and if he does not want to – just let him know you’re there for him. Men say a lot of women make […]

Ladies – next time you’re working on a home improvement project with your man – it’s important to know this It’s important to know that you must let your man lead the way. I mean – he’s not trying to be your boss – but it makes a man feel like a man if he’s […]

Ladies your future man is out there  but don’t stress over this because  he will come your way. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER: Get yourself together first. When you’re ready – you have to get out of the house. Find a few places where men hang out. Just go there – flirt and […]

First of all if a man wants to be with you – there’s nothing that will keep them away. Men want to keep things slow at the beginning. He does not want to tell you everything in the beginning. Men hate it when they feel like they’re being interviewed when starting a relationship. He wants […]

I like all of you know how important sports are to so many people around the world. That is why the moves of our favorite…

Somewhere God and Mother Nature are cracking up.  I mean, a day doesn’t go by without us getting another piece of evidence that proves just…

Are you a single black woman and need help finding a man? Look no further for help than Natalie Clarice on the Oxygen Channel. She’s the host of a new show on the cable network called “Find Me My Man.” It will premiere tonight, Tuesday, April 9 at 9pm ET/PT. Clarice, known as the “Titan of Love,” […]

We all know that men lie and women lie… But there’s a few lies that men tell and you KNOW they’re lying. I’m not going to tell on my fellow ladies so I’ll just share a FEW of those with you as well. I suggest you print out this handy, dandy list.  You never know […]