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Are you a single black woman and need help finding a man?

Look no further for help than Natalie Clarice on the Oxygen Channel.

She’s the host of a new show on the cable network called “Find Me My Man.” It will premiere tonight, Tuesday, April 9 at 9pm ET/PT. Clarice, known as the “Titan of Love,” will offer advice to women in Miami looking to find the love of their life.

“I’m a relationship educator. I educate women on how to identify real love and learn how to establish or maintain a healthy meaningful relationship with their male partner with a clear understanding that love feels good and when it hurts it’s not right.”

Okay ladies, when you’re out there searching for Mr. Right, Clarice believes there are certain things you should consider.

“First of all make sure he does have an occupation, a career. That’s number one. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a doctor or lawyer, but make sure he does have a career or a job with longevity; make sure that he comes from a very good healthy background because a person is a product of their environment.”

His family background, she says, also matters.

“So, you know, this is the thing that I tell women all the time – see what kind of relationship he has with his parents. See if there is any relationship with his parents. You just want to see exactly where he comes from. It’s very important that women pay attention to a person’s character, making sure that they have values, morals, ethics, integrity.”

Clarice is founder and CEO of a boutique matchmaking company, Heart and Soul International, in the Magic City. She’s known for sometimes dispensing tough love when working to help ladies find a man.

“In the show you will hear me tell them (women) once a guy, you know, has sex with you a few times that’s old. It’s old. You know after they hit it, flip it, whatever they do, I say it’s old. I say after that there needs to be something else that they can look at you and say she can really make me a better person. For some reason women really underestimate men. Don’t get me wrong. Yes. We know men think about sex. Okay. That’s since the dawn of time. It’s bigger than sex for men especially when they’re looking for you to be somebody really significant in their life.”

She further emphasizes that what’s on the outside matters. Clarice says she is blunt to the women when she makes her point.

“You don’t want a man to see you for what’s between your legs. You want a man to see you for your intellect.”

In “Find Me My Man” you will see Clarice setting her clients, who range from age 33 to 50, up on “Fake Dates” with her dating coaches, among other things.

Natalie can be followed via Twitter at @NatalieClarice

Source: EURWeb

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