Rihanna went on an Instagram lovefest for LeBron after he won the NBA Championship.

  Note: If you or someone you needs help with getting out of a domestic violence situation visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline or call 800-799-SAFE  

All Hail the Queen! Listen inside for what’s new with Aretha Franklin, including her fabulous birthday extravaganza that brought out Denzel Washington and her upcoming…

It looks like Oprah’s interviews with Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, the Kardashian clan, 50 Cent and more are helping her ratings just like she hoped. We reported a couple months ago that Oprah’s OWN network was struggling with disappointing ratings. But we all know the Queen of Daytime doesn’t stay down long. She soon turned it around […]

Michael Jackson‘s much-talked about collaborations with Freddie Mercury of the British rock band Queen are finally being released.  Jackson & Mercury teamed up in the early 80s to record three demos that will be finished by the surviving members of Queen.

Alex Haley, a master story teller brought us our first glimpse into the lives of slaves with his critically acclaimed book Roots. Read about Mr. Haley's story here.