Joe Biden

An organization is encouraging presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to pick Michelle Obama as his Vice Presidential running mate. The Draft Michelle Obama for VP organization wrote an open letter to Biden Tuesday suggesting he extend a formal invitation to her join him on his campaign ticket. The letter says the former First Lady […]

Joe Biden is confirming he will choose his running mate next week. But it’s unclear if he’ll make that public right away. He’s definitely expected to before he accepts the Democratic presidential nomination. The convention kicks off August 17th in Wisconsin. Biden had said he would narrow his list after candidates were vetted and meet […]

Reproductive healthcare non-profit Planned Parenthood is endorsing Joe Biden for president. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund made the announcement since it launched a 45-million-dollar campaign earlier this year to support Democratic candidates. The organization called Joe Biden’s race against President Trump a “fight for our country’s very survival.” While Planned Parenthood has praised Biden’s stance […]

Former Vice President Joe Biden says more than a dozen women are being considered as possible running mates. Biden tells MSNBC that his vice presidential selection committee is vetting potential picks and he hopes to complete the process by July. Contenders reportedly on Biden’s shortlist include California Senator Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams, who narrowly […]

Former Vice President and climate change activist Al Gore is endorsing Joe Biden to overtake Donald Trump in November. In a virtual town hall meeting with Biden, Gore made the announcement on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Gore says Biden’s commitment to address global warming and climate change makes him an ideal candidate for […]

A new poll says there’s a lack of enthusiasm among Democrats for presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.  A poll by ABC News and The Washington Post says Biden is the Democrats’ top choice for the presidential nomination, getting 51-percent support over 42-percent for Bernie Sanders.  However, strong enthusiasm for Biden is only at 24-percent, which is the lowest on record for a […]

Joe Biden is blaming the federal government’s slow reaction to the coronavirus for the explosion of the crisis in America.  Speaking from his home in Delaware, the former Vice President  dismissed President Trump’s hope that Americans could start getting back to work by Easter.  The Democratic presidential frontrunner called it bizarre.  Appearing on MSNBC, Biden […]

Joe Biden is claiming another victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. NBC News projects the former vice president as the winner of the primary in Washington state. With most of the votes counted as of Monday night, Biden had about a point-and-a-half lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The contest was held […]

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is endorsing Bernie Sanders.  During a campaign event at the University of Michigan on Sunday, Jackson announced his endorsement for the Vermont Senator, telling the crowd that a vote for Sanders is a vote for justice and health care.  The pair’s relationship goes back years, with Sanders supporting Jackson’s second presidential run in 1988 and Sanders being […]

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is poised to have a big day on Super Tuesday. A series of polls shows the Vermont senator leading in three important states. A CBS News/YouGov poll shows that 31-percent of California Democrats favor Sanders, followed by Joe Biden with 19-percent. If that holds true, Sanders would come away with […]

Joe Biden is making clear who he wants on his team if he is made the President of the United States. Joe was stopped by a man in Iowa and was asked who he would want for Vice President if he was elected. Biden responded with, “Well, I sure would like Michelle to be the […]

Joe Biden is leading the pack of Democratic presidential candidates in a new CNN poll. The poll shows the former vice president at 24 percent on the eve of the next Democratic debate. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren polled at 18 percent followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 17 percent. Every other candidate had less […]