A new Icon has been created to identify black-owned business on Google maps while searching online. 

Earlier this year in April, Google launched its celebrity cameo feature, kicking things off with the smooth vocals of John Legend. Today, the tech giant announced the next big name coming to your smartphone or Google Device, and its none other than Issa Rae. The Insecure star is the next name out of the 6 celebrities that will […]

Google Maps is adding a new feature to their app! The app will now tell you what to order at the restaurant your eating at. Google will be adding popular dishes based on previous customer reviews Diners can even upload a photo of their favorite meal to help with recommendations. The new feature was released […]

Gamers rejoice! Google is expected to announce its streaming video game service today. The aim is to allow people to stream games wherever they may be, whether it’s on a phone, a smart tv, or a computer. There’s also a rumor about a console that’s been codenamed “Yeti,” but so far Google’s keeping things quiet […]

Yolonda Faulkner has gone from wedding planner to bride after the man of her dreams, Eric Addison, surprised her with a sweet proposal for her birthday this year! Yolonda, the Managing Director and CEO of Details Consulting, has never been afraid to chase her dreams and make amazing things happen. As career-driven as she is, though, […]

The search engine giant became focused on diversity after reports from 2014 showed that the company composed of the following: 60 percent were White and 31 percent were Asian, while 3 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Black.   If you search for “three Black teenagers” in Google, the algorithm offers an array of mug shots. But if you search for “three White teenagers,” well, an assortment of images of smiling White girls and boys pops up. The awareness comes after Kabir Alli, 18, a senior at Clover Hill High School, in […]

A new report says schools are accepting technology from companies that are data mining students. The researchers say students are vulnerable to privacy violations and harmful marketing.

Google recently announced they will distribute $250,000 in grants to fund initiatives that will help Flint, Michigan recover from its water crisis. Google will allocate $150,000 to teams from the University of Michigan, which will work towards creating a data platform to help local leaders and the government with making effective decisions and provide Flint […]

Akilah Johnson is the first African-American artist to win the national competition, proving that Black art also matters.

Google responds to Senate inquiry about how it uses the personal data of millions of students. The lead senator wants more details.