Mariah Carey is in hot water with her record label. According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, Epic Records is very unhappy with MC because her recent single “I Don’t” was a total failure. Friedman revealed that the was a total surprise to Epic since Mariah’s team sent it with no forewarning that it was coming. […]

While 50 Cent is known for his aggressive lyrical content in his music, but he was comical during his first pitch at yesterday’s Mets game. On Tuesday…

Miss Utah is now in the beauty pageant Hall of Fame — not because she won Miss USA, but because she bumbled through a cringe-inducing (and hysterical) 30 second answer that included the phrase, “create education better.” Judge Nene Leakes asked Marissa Powell about women in the workplace and equal pay — which sent 21-year-old Miss Utah into a tailspin […]

In case you missed it, Miguel performed at the Billboard Awards last night. Midway through his performance, Miguel thought it would be cool to jump over the crowd from one stage to the other. Whether it was his boots, diminutive stature, or a plain lack of athleticism that made it so he couldn’t complete the […]

Jodeci were booed off stage at London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday 23 March due to out of tune singing – and a band member who fell off stage and couldn’t get back on again. The crowd were enjoying a night of R’n’B revival that included performances from Blackstreet, Dru Hill, SWV and Changing Faces, but […]

More than 700 patients at the Buffalo Veterans Administration Center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C because of accidental reuse of insulin pens, according to a hospital statement and published reports. Authorities told The Buffalo News there is a “very small risk” for the diabetic patients who may have been […]

I’m gonna speak from my heart here. These are my views, and hopefully there’s some folks out there that will be down for the cause. There’s some stuff that we haven’t had a chance to address and I can’t let it be overlooked or forgotten. …like this… I need answers. I couldn’t believe myself when […]