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I’m gonna speak from my heart here. These are my views, and hopefully there’s some folks out there that will be down for the cause. There’s some stuff that we haven’t had a chance to address and I can’t let it be overlooked or forgotten.

…like this…

I need answers.

I couldn’t believe myself when I saw Uncle Charlie at the Grammys, y’all. Look at that.

I never thought I would wish for a man above the age of 60 to go BACK to rocking cornrows. Just look at that picture and tell me in what world that looks fly.

Charlie Wilson is a soul legend, man. There is no way he should be allowed to leave the house looking like he has licorice coils on his head. His hair looks like the top of a really badly wrapped present. I’m still not over this debacle. Someone knew better. I mean, DANG, you ain’t got no REAL nephews that can stop this from happening, Uncle Charlie?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this…

“Go back to the cornrows, Uncle Charlie…if this was the other option, please go back to the cornrows.”

That’s from the heart, folks. It’s for everybody’s own good. Think of all the ‘nephews’ out here, Uncle Charlie.

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