INDIANAPOLIS — Critical race theory, a once-obscure academic concept that is nearly 40 years old, has been thrust into the spotlight following last year’s social justice protests and a push by several states to create bills that would ban teaching the topic in elementary, middle and high schools. In the most basic terms, the core […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly one year after the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed in the summer of 2020, the Indiana State Museum is reflecting on what happened and why. Artwork flooded downtown Indianapolis, as local artists collaborate with businesses that boarded up storefront windows. They painted murals over them along Massachusetts Avenue […]

All exhibits and events are free and open to the public.

The Black Lives Matter movement has reportedly been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Guardian says a Norwegian politician submitted the nomination papers, stating, “Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice,” and to “raise global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice.” The movement originated on social media […]

Billy Hoodoo is an artist but aside from letting his artwork do all the talking he is also on the front lines in his community molding youth.

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The "Black Lives Matter" mural that was painted by local artists in Downtown Indianapolis has been defaced. The mural, which is located on Indiana Avenue between the Madam Walker Legacy Center and the headquarters of the Indianapolis Urban League, was painted Aug. 1.

A new Icon has been created to identify black-owned business on Google maps while searching online. 

Indianapolis will paint "Black Lives Matter" on a downtown street to condemn racism after the City-County Council adopted a special resolution at its meeting Monday night.

MONROE COUNTY — Attorneys for the man accused of racially motivated threats that were caught on video near Lake Monroe say the accusations against his client are false. Attorneys David Hennessy, Andrew Baldwin, Kathie Perry and Mark Kamish represent Sean Purdy, the man seen in the video posted by Vauxx Booker that allegedly shows Booker […]

At least two protesters were struck by a vehicle toward the end of a protest in Bloomington.

A man said he was almost lynched over the July 4 weekend at Lake Monroe in Bloomington. He said a group of people physically assaulted him and threatened him using racially-charged language.