Listen Live Graphics (Indy)

INDIANAPOLIS — Billy Hoodoo is an artist but aside from letting his artwork do all the talking he is also on the front lines in his community molding youth.

“I’m from the east side of Indianapolis, 34th and Sherman actually,” Hoodoo said. “Right here beside the mural I went to elementary here — this is very nostalgic I have memories here. ”

” I am a member of an organization called Black Male Initiative,” added Hoodoo.

The Black Lives Matter movement only recently erupted but Hoodoo has been working since his college days pushing for equality with an emphasis on youth.

“We have to give them a structure to organize with and to move forward and the main aspect of moving forward is the growth and development of our youth,” Hoodoo said.

For him, the murals are a starting place.

“Black Lives Matter I see that as an opportunity to let people aware of what is going on and get ideas about what they can do to help,” Hoodoo said.

Hoodoo said the point of painting more murals is to make people think about what they can do to bring change and equality. He paints murals for free, he’s hoping more people will drive past murals and realize the movement won’t disappear without progress.