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Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle The most important election of our nation’s history has concluded with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris headed to the White House. We take listener calls all hour on both national and local election results.

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle Beyond the offices of President and Governor, local school boards are a hotly contested race in the 2020 election. Cameron and Ebony talk with WFYI reporter Eric Weddle about the IPS School Board race and also catch up with Radio One Indy General Manager, Deon Levingston, to hear […]

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle City Council Proposal 237 seeks to add more civilian oversight to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, something many community members have been calling for. However, not everyone agrees it is the best move for the city. Pastor James Jackson of Fervent Prayer Church and Jessica Louise of Indy10 […]

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle We took caller comments and questions all morning long on the hot topics of the week including long lines for early voting in Marion County, a recent report revealing IMPD’s rates of police dog bites of Black people and more. City Councillor William “Duke” Oliver, Dr. Clyde Posley […]

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle A Pike High School teacher anonymously shares their story of what’s going on inside the school with regards to COVID safety measures. Their responses may shock you. Also, local labor attorney Amber Boyd-Moorman shares tips on what employees can do to advocate for themselves.

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle After months of protests and investigation, no officers were found responsible for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. This news leaves many feeling like justice wasn’t served. We talk with Stephanie Whitehead, an associate professor of criminal justice at IUPUI and take your listener calls on the topic.

Hosted by Ebony Chappel and Cameron Ridle Has Operation Legend been successful? We talk about the feds crime crackdown in Indy as well as the death of Justice Bader Ginsburg, Voting, an attempted repeal to the Marion County mask mandate by local Republicans and more.  

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Brandon Warren, a young activist and suicide attempt survivor, shares his story publicly for the first time. Counselor Muhammed Saahir of Blue Sofa Counseling joined us as well to shed light on this important topic.

Hosted by Cameron Ridle and Ebony Chappel Open Lines Show · Open Lines August 23, 2020 Cameron sits down with Governor Eric Holcomb to discuss his new diversity and inclusion initiatives PLUS listener calls and comments. This week’s Community Spotlight is the Wilma Gibbs Moore research fellowship presented by Indiana Humanities.

Hosted By Cameron Ridle and Ebony Chappel We take listener phone calls and comments all morning long on the issues of the week in Indianapolis and across the country.  

Hosted by Cameron Ridle and Ebony Chappel An alleged eyewitness to the Dreasjon Reed incident speaks out on what they saw and Reed’s mother, Demetree Wynn gives her first interview following the release of the autopsy report earlier this week.

Hosted by Cameron Ridle and Ebony Chappel Callie Kennington and Tony Mason of Count Me INDY join us live to talk all things Census 2020 PLUS listener calls and comments on school reopenings. Our Community Spotlight this week is the Strong Men, Strong Minds Empowerment Rally.