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MONROE COUNTY — Attorneys for the man accused of racially motivated threats that were caught on video near Lake Monroe say the accusations against his client are false.

Attorneys David Hennessy, Andrew Baldwin, Kathie Perry and Mark Kamish represent Sean Purdy, the man seen in the video posted by Vauxx Booker that allegedly shows Booker being held down and threatened with lynching.

In a press conference on Monday, July 13, the attorneys claim Booker was the “instigator and agitator” in the incident, and that he “created a false narrative that he is perpetuating with the media.”

According to Purdy’s attorneys, Purdy and Caroline McCord, the woman shown in the same video, were both given a polygraph test regarding the incident. The attorneys claim both Purdy and McCord “passed” their tests. They are now calling on Booker to take a polygraph test as well.

“We challenge Mr. Booker to take a polygraph, we’ll pay for it, so he doesn’t have to use any of his GoFundMe,” the lawyer said during the press conference Monday.

“Mr. Booker needs to tell the truth about punching people and apologize to the people he has harmed and to all real victims of racism because he has diminished them. Also, those who were there with Mr. Booker and know the truth should also come out and tell the truth,” the attorneys said in a press release issued Monday afternoon. “Mr. Booker was the instigator and agitator. There was no problem until Mr. Booker returned for no legitimate reason. He was the aggressor and became threatening. Mr. Booker was the first to throw punches. Mr. Booker was then restrained. Not beaten. Restrained. For his own safety and the safety of others. He then started race-baiting. Then stuck around after his alleged ‘near lynching’ to video his


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