New York City's Swann Galleries will auction the newly discovered image of the heroic abolitionist on March 30.

The Television Academy is coming after Heritage Auctions with a restraining order to prevent them from selling the statuette at their upcoming auction.

It seems like the body is at rest, but the media will not let Prince rest in peace.  There are more rumors circulating from him having AIDS, to dying of a drug overdose; now his Purple Rain jacket is up for auction.  A spokeswoman for Profiles in History says that the company received the jacket […]

Ladies, Oprah has opened her designer filled closet to the public. Oprah is auctioning everything from Alexander McQueen to Oscar de la Renta. You could end up wearing the dress Oprah wore to the Academy Awards! Bidding takes place on Ebay and starts at only 99 cents. Do not be discouraged if you don’t get […]

The leagendary Michael Jackson’s famous glove is going up for auction. The auction is set to trace place on July 30th and the bid is starting as low as $20,000. That does not mean that that’s how much the glove is worth. They are expecting for the gloves to be traded for millions. See Michael […]

Oprah is looking to get rid of some of her least favorite things during an auction next month. As we previously reported, the media mogul has…

  Mariah Carey‘s got something special for you on Valentine’s Day. Check this out. The singer is auctioning off a private performance via The…

*It’s not like he’ll ever use it again. So why not sell it? Besides, he stopped making payments on it as well.   We’re referring…

                    I figured there would an auctioning off of some of Whitney Houston’s items, but on my goodness I thoiught they would wait at least 30days. I’m just saying. They are already planning to put many of her dresses and jewelery on the auction block in […]

Sales of all things ‘Whitney’ have exploded in the wake of her passing. Her albums and singles are climbing the charts, fans are snapping up everything they can that relates to Whitney and her music. Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julian has taken note of the demand and will be placing some very rare Whitney-related items on […]

Think you can walk in Oprah’s shoes? Well here’s your chance!