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Think you can walk in Oprah’s shoes? Well here’s your chance!

The mega mogul recently went through a major closet overhaul. With the help of her O Magazine creative designer, Adam Glassman, she managed to reorganize her wardrobe, ridding it of its excess. Though the process began as a tug of war between Adam and Oprah, eventually they came up with a plan to help the big O let go of some of her fashion favorites. According to O Magazine,

Oprah acquiesces, particularly after Adam suggests that the donated items be auctioned off on eBay. “The money should go to OWLA,” Oprah says, referring to the leadership academy she opened for South African girls in 2007. “That sale would make all of this worth it.”

With that settled, the process suddenly becomes easier. Flipping through one long rack of everyday dresses, Oprah pronounces: “These are all fine to get rid of.” Next up: handbags. Oprah likes them spacious and sturdy, like the roomy tote she carries back and forth to her office. So she has no trouble saying goodbye to a number of tiny leather and crocodile bags acquired during her self-described “ladies who lunch phase.” Then she spots a small beige clutch with a gold chain strap. “It’s fantastic.” She slings it over her arm, walks a few paces—and changes her mind. “It’s just so not me.” Off to eBay it goes.

Oprah’s unauthorized tell-all bio coming in April

By day’s end, Oprah has put more than 150 items on the auction list, designated a few untouchables, and even developed a new perspective on her own style: These days comfortable classics win out over straight-off-the runway looks. “In the past, I’ve gotten talked into a lot of trends,” she says. “But I don’t have to be on anyone’s best-dressed list. I’m really just trying to become more of myself.”

Oprah is by far one of the most fashionable women we know. If you would like to get your hands on some of her discarded clothes and accessories, you can place your bids starting here on March 1 at 11 AM. The auction is being hosted by Ebay, and all proceeds will go towards Oprah’s South African school. Its always nice to see celebrities engaging in charitable causes.

They say one mans trash is another man’s treasure, and in Oprah’s case, this is particularly true. Happy bidding ladies!

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