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There’s something about an older woman that I’ve always had a taste for. Blame it on Pam Grier. Growing up, ‘Friday Foster’ and ‘Foxy Brown’ were fixtures in my parent’s movie collection.

All of this led to my infatuation with the term that we all have come to learn (and love): cougar.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to be gained from a cougar’s intellect– her heightened femininity, sophisticated manner, scent and walk. It makes them so desirable and irresistible.

To dismiss any preconceived notions, I don’t view cougars to be a women that would’ve appeared on ‘The Golden Girls.’ Instead my definition of a cougar is seen as a confident woman over 40 who looks like she’s in her late twenties or early thirties and handles her business.

Cougars don’t tend to take advantage of younger men (at least not this one). If anything, they have a touch of innocence mixed with experience that can encourage a man to not only increase his libido but also change his perspective on life as a whole.

Although it may seem a bit odd for a single man (with no kids) to be so passionate about women 20 years his senior, the fact of the matter is I don’t go out searching for older women. It just so happens that I meet women who are older than me that have it all together and look my age.

To be honest, I don’t have any regrets about not dating woman in their twenties. I feel every man should experience an older woman at least once in his lifetime. The benefits are priceless! They’ll let a man be a man as oppose to criticizing him for talking to his platonic friend in a social setting, which is absurd

Don’t get me wrong. All women are beautiful, unique and creative in their own special way. But as a young ambitious gentleman on the come up, who the hell needs a nagging “girl” who is insecure from dating men?

I much rather deal with a full-fledged woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it by any means necessary. Which in itself is sexy!

Whether it’s in the bedroom, boardroom or relationships, cougars cut straight to the point, leaving no time to waste. After all, can you blame them? What 47-year-old woman has the time to “play” mind games with her man just to intentionally stir up drama? Or Tweet about the pettiest things that’s not cutting her any checks?

Instead of “acting” like a mature career-driven woman, how about “becoming” a mature career-driven woman who “knows” what she wants out of life?

And let’s not forget about the sex.

We want our lady to let loose in the bedroom after a long oppressive day at work. There’s nothing like a cougar enticing her man by wearing something extra sexy while spritzing the sheets with her fragrance of choice. You can’t beat that. Sometimes a man just needs love and affection.

It makes more sense for a brother to have a co-star instead of a supporting cast member in the bed. We, as men, want to experience the ultimate high when it comes to intimacy with a woman. There’s absolutely no reason why we should settle for a young amateur.

Why have amateur night at the Apollo when we can have the Grammys every night?

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