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Mother Disciplining Kid

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Mother Arrested For Forcing Her Kids To Get Tattoos 

Ashley Weir reportedly told her three kids, all under 13 years old, “not to whine or cry” as they got tattooed. Reportedly, the Texas mother was passed out from being drunk as her children received ankle ink of a cross, an infinity symbol with a cross and a heart with an arrow. This didn’t sit well with the father of Weir’s children who contacted police. To add insult to injury, the tattoo artist was Weir’s boyfriend’s brother who was a convicted sex offender. Weir, 31, now faces up to three years in prison for three counts of tattoos prohibited for certain persons, a misdemeanor. NY Daily News 

Woman Released From Jail After Killing Her Boyfriend In Self Defense 

Cherelle Baldwin, 24, has been behind bars for three years on a $1 million bail after accidentally killing her boyfriend following a domestic dispute in 2013. According to Baldwin her former boyfriend, Jeffrey Brown broke into her apartment and strangled her with a belt. She pretended to pass out until she was able to escape to her red Pontiac. Brown jumped in the car and strangled her again. He eventually got out of the car when Baldwin pulled into a neighbors driveway. Then she put her foot on the gas and slammed him into the concrete wall. Baldwin’s first case resulted in a hung jury. The second time around, a jury found her not guilty. “When a battered woman steps out of the role of being a victim and defends herself, many in our society stop thinking she was battered,” said Baldwin’s attorney Miles Gerety. Huff Post

CVS Sued For Discrimination 

Several former investigators for the convenience store CVS have filed a class action suit against the retailer for racial profiling and discrimination. Former employee Sheldon Thomas claims that he was told by his supervisor that African American and Hispanic customers were more likely to shoplift. Thomas said he recalls a directive from his boss including, “Watch the black n—-rs that come in the store…When you catch the black [and Hispanic] people, lock them up.” Two other ex-investigators with similar experiences are apart of the class action suit which was recently filed in the Bronx Supreme Court. This latest situation comes less than a year after four former CVS store cops also filed a federal discrimination suit against the chain. Clutch Magazine

Thousands Will Lose Food Stamps Due To New Rules

Nearly 6K Georgia residents will lose their food stamps when a new law designed to keep people from abusing the system, takes effect in April. Able-body individuals will only receive three months of assistance unless it’s confirmed that he/she has a job or is participating in a training program. The federal government hasn’t placed such stringent restrictions on food stamp recipients since the 90s. “It’s not just going after poor people,” said State Rep. David Clark, R-Buford “We have to find a way to motivate them [and] this is going to make people step up and look for a job,” he added. AJC


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