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  • People will comment on your hypothetical future babies. They’ll usually say that the kids are definitely going to be beautiful. It’s such a kind thought, but it also often comes with an underlying “they’ll be gorgeous because they’ll be mixed” vibe. And, yeah, mixed babies are adorable, but so are full-on babies of any race! Think of all the chubby rolls! I still take it as a compliment, but I know it rankles some people in interracial duos. Also, I don’t want my future kids to be jinxed, no matter who I have them with (silly, I know, but let me have this).
  • You learn so, so much. When you’re dating interracially, you get a chance to glimpse a worldview you’d normally never have access to. And while you can never fully understand someone else’s life, you can try to get it as much as you can in an empathetic sort of way. I feel really lucky that my boyfriend makes that a priority, because I know this can be a struggle for many interracial couples.
  • Families can end it all. I have a friend who broke up with someone she really loved because his family didn’t approve of her race. Yes, in 2014. It’s just an unfortunate reality of the world we live in but one I hope is progressing every day. The real root of the issue was that he didn’t stand up to his family about the fact that he wanted to be with her. Couples can make it through this if they’re willing to fight for it!

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