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Cold Blooded IndianaFact. Horrific crime in Indianapolis is not a new phenomenon–shootings, burning bodies and dumping victims. Nor can it be tied to inherent behavior of a particular race. This is evidenced by the subject of a new interactive play opening in downtown Indy Friday evening where the members of the audience determine the fate of the first woman in Indiana tried for murder. It’s called “Cold Blooded” and is a production of Candlelight Theatre at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. It’s focused on a bit of Indiana history, the violent deaths of Jacob and Nancy Jane Young in 1868. Before he became president, prominent Indianapolis attorney Benjamin Harrison was brought in to prosecute Nancy Clem, the wife of a successful Indianapolis grocer. Audience members have the opportunity to be a part of the jury and will decide for themselves if Clem was guilty of this horrific crime that attracted the national spotlight. Wow, heinous crime in 1868. It continues in 2014. Apparently what’s old is new.

The jurors are convened for a little justice—that’s you should you attend—beginning at 6 p.m. in the 1200 block of Delaware Street. More shows on Saturday and again October 17-19th. More info at 317-631-1888.

Read more about this bit of Indiana history, HERE.


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