@kwellscomm  As Heard on #AccessIndy… — This week the Southern Poverty Law Center held a press conference that Access Indy attended to address the hate, harassment and upticks of violence that have occurred in this nation since November’s general election and the victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump. The SPLC released two reports that should […]

@KwellsComm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” The Center for Leadership Development is hosting a program this month to help our kids get successfully on the road to college and to completion. The deadline to get your student registered is fast approaching. Click the media player below to hear my conversation with CLD’s president, Dennis Bland about this […]

@KwellsComm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” Black artists in Indy have joined forces in a new arts group, “WE ARE.” Two local artists that serve as officers of the group sat down with me recently to introduce the group to “Access Indy with Kim Wells” listeners, talk about their beginnings and some of their activities, […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com News & Sports It’s been a violent overnight here in Indy. Four people were hospitalized early Tuesday because they were all shot in two separate incidents on the east side just about a mile apart. WRTV 6 says the first happened around 3:30 a.m. in the 1400 hundred block of Wallace Avenue. That was three […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com News & Sports Good morning to you on this rain-soaked Monday morning.  Give yourself extra time on your morning commute and plan to ‘get out of the dog house’ if you’re in it with anyone. (More on that and how…in today’s final story below.) Local… There’s a long list of Republicans who might […]

@KwellsComm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” Our African-American community suffers a historical and ongoing racial oppression. It’s roots may be deeper than you think and in a place where you didn’t think to look. Professor and author of the book, Spacializing Blackness: Architectures of Confinement and Black Masculinity in Chicago will help us dig deeper by looking through […]

They’re Baaaaaack….! Our “Legal Eagles” stopped by “Access Indy” Sunday to go Behind The Headlines on the Supreme Court of the United States ruling this week that police can use evidence against you gathered in illegal stops by police, and, a Baltimore judge acquitted the third police officer tried in the in-custody injury and death of Freddie Gray. This […]

@kwellscomm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” on 106.7 WTLC-FM On the latest edition of the show, I teased an internet exclusive interview where I spent some time talking with the director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, Kenneth Braswell, to discuss the positive effect of a father’s involvement with their children. Click the media player below to […]

@kwellscomm “Access Indy with Kim Wells” on 106.7 WTLC-FM On the latest edition of the show, I spent some time with Mark Newman of the Indiana Office of Tourism to discuss the various cities and attractions around the state that you may be interested in visiting during this Summer and Fall season to get-away and also […]

@kwellscomm On today’s Trending on “Access Indy with Kim Wells”… I’ll call this, a tip of my hat to my former media boss, the late-Bill Mays, who was an angel investor. If you’d like to learn about the process of angel investing, Indy, here’s your access to it courtesy of the Chicago Urban League who reached out […]

@kwellscomm To Your Health! The month of May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month and two doctors, one representing the American Heart Association (AHA) and the other, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) joined me on “Access Indy with Kim Wells” to discuss the domino effect that high blood pressure (HBP) plays in your overall health picture. It is […]

Officials at an Alabama university are apologizing for a sorority T-shirt depicting racist images.  The chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority at Samford University had shirts printed for a formal last month showing a black man eating watermelon as well as people picking cotton. The shirt was designed to look like a vintage-style map of Alabama. The […]