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As part of a week-long Mothers’ Day celebration on the “Steve Harvey” show, two twins raised by adoptive parents in Decatur meet their biological mother and siblings.

Twins Sam and Sara Collier were given up for adoption when they were newborns and were adopted by Belinda and Lamar Collier of Decatur.

The siblings wrote into the “Steve Harvey” show to ask for help in finding their biological mother. Unbeknownst to Sam and Sara, Harvey was able to track down their biological mom, as well as their three siblings.

Sam and Sara Collier knew that their biological mom was 21 years old when she gave birth to them and that they were born in Augusta. They also knew that welfare was their mother’s only source of income at the time.

Of his childhood, Sam said, “We were raised by two amazing people. We didn’t have any holes in our heart. We believe that our mom was supposed to birth us, but our parents were supposed to raise us.”

Sara added, “Our childhood was amazing. Our parents afforded us some opportunities that we might not otherwise have had. They valued education and taught us to be faithful in God.”

Sara received full scholarships to Spellman and Georgia Tech and currently works as an industrial systems engineer. Sam went to ministry school and became a pastor.

Belinda and Lamar supported their children’s desire to find their biological mother.

Belinda said that if she had a chance to say anything to Sam and Sara’s biological mother, she would say, “Thank you for having enough courage, enough love in your heart to do the right thing for some children who were more than deserving to have it.”

Sam and Sara come to the “Steve Harvey” show, ready to ask for the public’s help in finding their biological mother, but Harvey reunites the twins with their mother Elinor, as well as their three biological siblings.