INDIANAPOLIS — For some moms this year, Mother’s Day marks the first without their child. A group of parents are trying to bring hope to those families to celebrate, honor and support each other this weekend. The hope Saturday was to make sure no one felt alone on Mother’s Day. Several Hoosiers gathered at Bethel […]

What a beautiful day to celebrate your mother or the mother figure in your life today.  Clear sky’s, sunny day and warm weather…all the elements to make it a great day.  If you still struggling with something to do for the mother or mother figure in your life, check out some of the events happening […]

That's Beautiful

Check out Rihanna's Mother's Day style.

Beyonce performed in her hometown Saturday night in Houston, TX.  About a mile away of the venue a group of police officers gathered to protest the concert.  Coalition for Police and Sheriffs president Tony Ragsdale said “Some of her performances we believe to be anti-police”.  Beyonce responded to the anti-police criticism she’s been receiving since […]

The sweetest day of the year rolled around yesterday and all over the world, moms were praised for their hard work and unconditional love.


From pamper yourself products to delectable delights and stand out style, here are gifts for every mom in your life.

It's safe to say that Jada Pinkett-Smith raised some of the coolest kids on the planet.

In April alone, 311 people were shot in the Windy City and 36 of them died.

Do you still need a gift idea for Mother's Day? This list is for you!

Congratulations are in order for the newly expecting Janet Jackson!  She confirmed she’s pregnant with her first child at 49 years old.  This follows up the video she released not too long ago to cancel her tour for “family planning.”  Janet will be 50 on May 16th, so happy early Mother’s Day to her.  We […]