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1) Emotionally

I wouldn’t say I was weak emotionally before marriage. A better way to describe it would be to say I was emotionless. That was put to the test in a big way after marrying. My wife wears her emotions on her sleeve, and I say she is “quick to cry.” I, on the other hand, felt I couldn’t cry at all.

There were times I was hurt so bad (physically, emotionally, or whatever), that I really wanted to cry but couldn’t force myself to. And it wasn’t just about my tears; I was plain insensitive. That was rooted in selfishness. After we got married and she cried at the drop of a hat, it seemed, I used to get upset. Then, over time, I began to care more and be more empathetic.

Through it all I have grown selfless and more sensitive. I’m not running around crying all the time, but I do have some balance with my emotions, which has made me stronger in that area.

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