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Chris Dorner may have been a hero to some and an evil maniac to others.

Regardless, his death has been called into question by those who supported the vigilante and former LAPD officer.

Some are wondering if Dorner was executed and the fire was just a cover up. Officers were careless when they shot at a truck with two women inside, because they say it that it looked like Dorner’s; days before they found him. This behavior has been labeled suspicious and a reflection of fear. So a petition has been formed, calling for an investigation into his death.

An excerpt from the petition reads:

The Los Angeles Police Department has, for far too long, served as judge, jury and executioner in too many situations. Rather than seeking justice and allowing the courts to determine guilt or innocence, this police department has often positioned itself as a well-organized street gang, terrorizing and even killing scores of innocent citizens. The latest civil rights violation by this department was during the apprehension of Christopher Dorner. We are not in agreement with the crimes Dorner allegedly committed before his death, but equally egregious was the decision by the LAPD to try to kill Dorner before he had any opportunity to stand trial. We believe that the premature, on-sight execution of Christopher Dorner was done in order to suppress evidence of police corruption that Dorner was determined to release to the public. While the LAPD consistently denies that it deliberately burned Dorner alive, there is sufficient audio evidence that suggests otherwise.

Check out the petition here.

Source: EURWeb