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Maybe all the Vitamin Waters inspired him. Rapper/actor/spokesman 50 Cent has just released a new book encouraging his fans to get and stay in shape. “Formula 50” is a 6-week workout plan designed to get you off the coach and into the sexy category, if of course, you follow the plan 50 has laid out. He’s brought out the big guns for the book as well (pardon the pun) by enlisting Jeff O’Connell, the editor-in-chief of, the largest bodybuilding website on the internet, to write with him. The man born Curtis Jackson said that getting shot multiple times in the early stages of his career is what actually provided the impetus to get more focused on health and fitness.

“I was hurt pretty bad so I had to come back to go through rehab in a city in New York and I would travel, it was an hour from where I was staying,” 50 said in an appearance this week on the “Today” show. “From there, they’ll put you on special treadmills to walk because my legs were damaged pretty bad. And then I started to go to a local gym to walk on an actual treadmill. Just being in the environment, it made me want to be more involved in the other aspects of my physical health.”

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Source; BlackAmericaWeb