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Kwame Kilpatrick is confined to his mother’s house and wearing a new GPS tether while the Michigan Department of Corrections investigates whether the former Detroit mayor violated his parole.

Kilpatrick was fitted with the device and informed of his new restrictions Thursday afternoon at his mother’s home on Detroit’s west side.

Kilpatrick can’t return to his home in Texas, Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan said. The restrictions permit him to leave only to meet with his lawyers, go to court or fulfill any pre-approved employment opportunities, such as speaking engagements.

“Other than those three things, he will not be allowed to leave the house,” Marlan said.

The new restrictions follow revelations that Kilpatrick received a $2,000 gift from a Chicago pastor before Christmas, cashing out the wire transfer at a Chesterfield Township Walmart.

Kilpatrick is required to disclose all gifts and income as part of his parole after serving prison time in the text message scandal.

Marlan said Kilpatrick denied last week to his parole agent that he had received any gifts. Alerted to a Walmart visit by Fox 2 News, Corrections officials discovered that surveillance cameras caught Kilpatrick picking up the cash.

Now, Kilpatrick must await a final ruling from Corrections on whether he faces further punishment, which could range from a verbal warning to returning to behind bars, Marlan said.

Source: Detroit Free Press