Douglasville residents were thrilled to see a change in the political makeup of their small, rural city last week when Rochelle Robinson was elected mayor, making her both the first female and the first Black politician to hold the seat,

Nick Mosby, Baltimore councilman and husband of State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, has announced his candidacy for mayor.

Let’s face it, the city of Chicago is going through some tough times when it comes to gun violence. Many residents believe Mayor Rahm Emanuel…

  The infamous mayoral figure, known to be a fan of the late singer, declares it on the same day as Marley’s birthday, who would’ve…

*They say size matters. Well these days in Atlanta you’ll probably get push back on that  old saw ’cause only 2 inches of snow created…

Kwame Kilpatrick turned Detroit’s City Hall into a “private profit machine” by rigging contracts, demanding bribes and even stealing money meant for the needy, a prosecutor said during closing arguments Monday in the former mayor’s corruption trial. Kilpatrick spent $840,000 more than he earned as Detroit’s mayor from 2002 until 2008, Assistant U.S. Attorney R. Michael Bullotta told […]

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will spend the weekend in jail after the Michigan Department of Corrections charged him with 14 parole violations late Thursday. Corrections spokesman Russell Marlan said in an e-mail this morning that Kilpatrick will report to the Detroit Reentry Center in Detroit Friday afternoon, after Kilpatrick appears at his ongoing trial in […]

Kwame Kilpatrick is confined to his mother’s house and wearing a new GPS tether while the Michigan Department of Corrections investigates whether the former Detroit mayor violated his parole. Kilpatrick was fitted with the device and informed of his new restrictions Thursday afternoon at his mother’s home on Detroit’s west side. Kilpatrick can’t return to […]

Cory Booker is getting hungry. The Newark, N.J. mayor is now on day three of his self-imposed food stamp challenge. Inspired by a Twitter spat about the responsibility of government to provide food for its people, Booker decided to live for a week on the monetary equivalent of food stamps. He had $30 for the […]

The trial of former Detroit mayor continues and it’s not looking good for him. Witnesses testified yesterday that there were several discrepancies when it came to money handling, not only with Kwame but also his wife, Clarlita Kilpatrick. In one instance witnesses said Kwame received grant funds from non-profit organizations and kicked back $37, 500 […]

DENVER —Michael B. Hancock has been elected the new mayor of Denver. Hancock served two terms as Denver City Council President and was the youngest CEO of an Urban League chapter in the country. The Root reports: Hancock, who was raised by a single mother, grew up in abject poverty with nine siblings. Despite his […]

Check out what the mayor had to say about the Women’s Empowerment Series!!!