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Wow. This photo from Halloween shows the Spurs stars pointing toy guns at someone dressed as NBA ref Joey Crawford. There’s not much love lost between the Spurs and Crawford, but this is still shocking. Countdown to an epic fine…

Tim Duncan is typically seen as one of the NBA’s good guys. Controversy rarely encircles the legendary forward. That’s about to change. This photo depicting Duncan and teammate Tony Parker pointing toy guns at someone dressed as NBA Ref Joey Crawford at a Halloween party this year surfaced on Reddit this weekend (according to that thread Duncan was dressed as The Punisher and Parker was Nick Fury). Crawford and the Spurs have a history of controversy dating back to moments like this one when the ref ejected Duncan for laughing.

But even with that history, this photo seems out of character for Duncan. Regardless, considering the amount the Spurs were fined this week for resting their players for a nationally televised game ($250,000), you have to imagine both Duncan and Parker will be facing massive fines from the league as well as suspensions. After all, David Stern is not known for his sense of humor. Plus if he fines people for even questioning a ref, what happens when you pretend to put a gun to one? And don’t forget, JR Smith was fined for tweeting a picture of a woman’s butt. This is worse.

Remember when the Spurs were boring?